Friday, June 27, 2014


Schteveo R said...

It's quite true.

What's amazing is how many of these people become politicians and middle-managers.

Cowpill said...

Hey! I resemble this joke!

Dr Embryology said...

duetrostome Does Not mean the anus forms first, and the gut forms entirely at once from a flat plate of tissue folding on itself to simultaneously form a complete tube.

This happens shortly after the beginning of the folding of the Neural Tube and before the formation of the Somites.

Took my Embryo from:

Leslie Arey, 97, Medical Professor
March 25, 1988|By Kenan Heise.

Leslie B. Arey, 97, professor emeritus of anatomy at Northwestern University Medical School, taught there for 72 years, one of the longest tenures of any medical school professor in history.

A memorial service for Prof. Arey, a resident of the Near North Side, will be held at a future date. He died Wednesday in St. Joseph`s Hospital after a heart attack.


He was 91 when I took his class.

BTW he was the one who named Embryology, Embryology.

In the 30s he discovered the RBC was a biconcave disc.