Tuesday, June 30, 2009

But doctor, the pain runs from D.C., right through both cheeks of my...

Anyone here smart enough to read?
Well to protect those few, percentage wise, 'merican morons who over dose on OTC and prescription drugs, the FDA is considering taking some drugs away from us. And why do they o/d? The 'merican morons don't read the info given out with every drug they buy. Survival of the fittest anyone?
Once again, the nanny state bureaucrats want to protect us from ourselves. And damn the consequences to anyone who has a pain problem. Personally, I think it's another part of their ongoing snatch at controlling the medical industry in our country.
FDA panel recommends smaller doses of painkillers
Government experts say the maximum dose listed for Tylenol and dozens of other painkillers should be reduced to help curb deadly overdoses.

In a series of votes Tuesday, a Food and Drug Administration panel endorsed lowering the maximum dose of over-the-counter acetaminophen -- the key ingredient in Tylenol, Excedrin and other medications.

Acetaminophen is one of the most widely used drugs in the U.S. Many patients find it easier on the stomach than other painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin, which can cause ulcers.

But despite years of educational campaigns and other federal actions, acetaminophen remains the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S., sending 56,000 people to the emergency room annually, according to the FDA.

FDA's experts voted 21-16 to lower the current maximum daily dose of nonprescription acetaminophen, which is 4 grams, or eight pills of a medication like Extra Strength Tylenol.

The group was not asked to recommend an alternative maximum daily dose.

Schteveo is sick, and tired of gub'ment fools

Is it Me?

Or are these Brain Dead, byte addicted, MFing people just so GD stupid, that death evades their thought processes!!!?!!j
Here's YET another dumb ass person, some jock from Texas this time, crashes his car while TEXTING. Fortunately, no one was injured. However, he left the scene, and the police can't decide whether he should be charged, beings there were no injuries. If it was a linebacker from the University of Oklahoma, or 11 Mexicans in a '67 Impala, with skinny tires and a fancy interior, they'd be charged. But I digress.
WTF is it about text messages that these byte junkies can't stop, even when lives are stake?
Here's my suggestion. Don't charge him. But plug that device into the wall charger, stick it firmly up his a$$, and then plug the wall charger into a 440 line.
If that doesn't cure him, raise the voltage next time.

The Peoples Republic of Maine

Here we go again. It�s those vicious Christians picking on those poor, peace-loving Mooselambs. Don�t those Christians know that this is Amerika, a free country, where you can do anything you like, (if you�re on the Left side of things) including training and making plans to destroy the whole place? Are we not the people who openly invite our most dreaded enemies to live amongst us, while we educate them, feed them, support them, house them, cloth them, and see to their every medical need, and all on the taxpaying citizens? Are we not loved the world over for our enlightened treatment of those whose only desire in life is to behead us all?

Maine is the other east coast location that�s always in competition with NYC for trying to out-do San Francisco as the most Leftist place in the country. So far, the race is too close to call�


Annie Was Right

Last year, during the presidential campaign, Annie/Kim, our MIA leader (and mommy) was touting her guy, Rep. Ron Paul of Mexas. I recall commenting at the time that, although i agreed with his political positions and ideology, i didn't think he had any realistic chance of winning, mostly because of his lack of name recognition, and the fact that many Republicans saw him as a "maverick and an outsider", and Demoncrats saw his as "just another right-wing nut job". The Republicans opinion should have made him the most attractive candidate, and the Dumbocrats opinion should have told us that they perhaps feared him. Looking back, i can't think of two more compelling reasons to have voted for him.

Now, all of a sudden, many of the weak, corrupt, lying, elected crooks in DC are starting to realize that, not only was he right, but the guy's got something serious to say, and they're listening! Could so many, have been so wrong, for so long? It sure wouldn't be the first time...


Monday, June 29, 2009

World leaders denounce Honduras coup

....world leaders from Barack Obama to Hugo Chavez demanded the return of a president ousted in a military coup.

Maobama & Hugo agree on this?? Of course they do.... since Zelaya was trying to make himself a dictator.

"We respect everybody and we ask only that they respect us and leave us in peace because the country is headed toward free and transparent general elections in November," Micheletti told HRN radio.

He insisted Zelaya's ouster was legal and accused the former president himself of violating the constitution by sponsoring a referendum that was outlawed by the Supreme Court. Many saw the foiled vote as a step toward eliminating barriers to his re-election, as other Latin American leaders have done in recent years.

Some expressed relief at the departure of Zelaya, who alienated the courts, Congress, the military and even his own party in his tumultuous three years in power.

Hmmm... I wonder if that will sound familiar to us in 3 years. I know this already does:

But Zelaya retains the loyalty of many of Honduras' poor, for having raised the minimum wage and blaming the country's problems on the rich — despite the considerable wealth he enjoys...

Blue' rant: just looked at my gas & electric bill.
From 5/28 to 6/26 I used 7 therms of gas for a charge of $3.99. I used 162 kwH of electricity for a charge of $2.74 cents.

That's a total of $6.75 for 29 days of energy usage. Since this includes profit for the utility company this is what my total bill should be.

The total bill actually is $40.11. The $33.36 difference is for taxes and fees imposed by city, state, & taxing districts.

We do not need to become energy independent - we need to become tax & fee independent!!!!

Will It Matter?


The SCOTUS has just (reversed) the decision by Judge Sotomayor against the White firefighters in their Conn. reverse-discrimination case! Given the fact that her decision was so openly racist, i don't see how they could have done anything else. Will it stop her from getting the seat on that same SCOTUS? Don't count on it! (and for some odd reason, my ability to copy and paste seems to have disappeared!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Michael Jackson died of food poisoning
He had been eating 12 year old wienies

Friday, June 26, 2009

Is the DNC running Iran?

Iranian cleric urges executing some protesters
This seems a little drastic to me. But I'm not a Iranian Muslim Cleric, or a registered Democrat.
A senior cleric on Friday urged Iran's protest leaders to be punished "without mercy" and said some should face execution, harsh calls that signal a nasty new turn in the regime's crackdown on demonstrators two weeks after its disputed election.

Hard-liners have ordered long sentences and hangings before, and some fear those awaiting trial by a judiciary whose verdicts reflect the will of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei could face the most severe punishments the Islamic system can dish out.

"Anyone who takes up arms to fight with the people, they are worthy of execution," Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami, a ranking cleric, said in a nationally broadcast sermon at Tehran University.

Khatami said those who disturbed the peace and destroyed public property were "at war with God" and should be "dealt with without mercy."


Cultural Literacy, mostly, like they ain't got none.

An interesting article, and take the test mentioned it's here. I scored 87.5%, I screwed up 4 questions. Two answers I admit to not knowing, and two more I misread because I was watching TV, explaining the test to an 11 y/o, and taking the test all at once.

But, given that, I still scored above average, and I did indeed pass.
In his important 1988 book, Cultural Literacy, E.D. Hirsch warned that “children in the U.S. are being deprived of the basic knowledge that would enable them to function in contemporary society.”

Two decades later, we see the tragic results of our near-total failure to heed Hirsch’s alarm. The basic information that most high school and college graduates don’t know continues to astound those of us of all ages who managed to receive a pretty decent, often non-public education. In the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s 2008 test of civic literacy, gauging citizens’ “knowledge of America’s founding principles and texts, core history, and enduring institutions,” 71% failed.

Hirsch's Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is on the bookshelf here, and at my son's homes. It's a MUST for teaching the kids our heritage and history and culture. It will play a huge part of my homeschooling of the 11 y/o starting in September.
Schteveo beez schmarter then most 'mericans

Friday Funnies

We all need a little smile today.

Stoned wallabies make crop circles

Thursday, June 25, 2009


things be too serious around here.....

click my Michele drinks too much

Click my Jackie drank too much

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First a Bridge to Nowhere, Now...

An airport to nowhere...
Takotna to get $21 million airport

FAIRBANKS — The village of Takotna is getting a new $21 million airport, which translates to almost $500,000 per person in the small Bush village about 300 miles west of Fairbanks.

The state Department of Transportation and Public Facilities received a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to build the airport.

State officials aren’t thrilled about having to spend $21 million on an airport for a village of 46 people, but it’s not really an option, said Roger Maggard, DOT’s airport development manager.

“The fact of it is, in order to meet all the dimensional requirements that the FAA requires for funding an airport, they do become quite expensive,” Maggard said. “It doesn’t matter in terms of airport costs whether it’s 50 people or 250 people or 500 people. It still requires the same airport facility.”

The $21 million grant for the airport was part of more than $70 million worth of grants and contracts awarded to communities throughout Alaska by the U.S. Department of Transportation last week, according to a press release from the Alaska congressional delegation.
This, boys and girls, is where Obamanomics' 'stimulus' money goes.
Jimbo's alternate solution: Build a freaking GRAVEL ROAD to the next nearest airport in McGrath, 20 miles away. My God - every quote ever attributed to Will Rogers concerning the stupidity of government holds true on this one. *sigh*


Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to the New America

Well forget about the the way the vast majority of Americans believe and live, here is the page 1 representation of Fathers Day in my local paper.

Article Page


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Global Warming? Tell it to the Caribou!


This caribou was found this last winter frozen in place. It was found by DEC personnel during a site inspection in Kuparuk, AK - about 40 miles west of Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope. It was about -45º F, the wind-chill was about -80º F.

I’ve been to Kaparuk – but when I was there it was a balmy -78º F in the shade. The difference between me and this caribou: I wore full arctic gear and only stepped outside the truck for 90 seconds (or less) at a time. The truck heater running full blast kept it just below freezing inside.
My current assignment is much more hospitable.
Warmest wishes, Jimbo.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sat funnies

It's 8:21 PDT & Mrs Blue has banished me & my usual gang of idiots to the basement again.
Quiz time : define this word Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon

Friday, June 19, 2009

The PolitiSphere

It seems most people think Left and Right run in straight lines directly away from one another. Nothing could be less true. We learned in 9th-grade physics that 'straight lines' don't physically exist - everything (even light) is curved. Politics is no different. For instance, we've all heard or engaged in arguments over Nazis being far left or far right. IMO - both are correct.

If you go far enough right and far enough left - they meet at a place no sane person wants to be.

Rubbers? They Should Be In Rubber Rooms!

Personally, when i think of protection, the only thing that comes to mind is my well-maintained, trusty Colt. Others apparently think of condoms. To me, safe sex always meant sex you got without getting caught. But that's just me. Now, your government, often and very accurately described as FUBAR, is spending a ton of money, (your money of course) to find out why men don't like using condoms. Most men could have told them why for $10. and a couple of beers, but i'm sure the intellectuals who control these scams wouldn't find that very scientific, nor would they then be able to justify spending all that bread. Actually, i think the best place for condoms would be on the pointy heads of the nitwits who run these studies. And it seems, wasting your money on this condom nonsense is just the tip (sorry) of the iceberg.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Demands of Kidnapper & CHINESE Negotiators

'I have 3 demands or I'll kill the boy!'

Negotiators assess the situation from next door.

Head Negotiator dispatched

Negotiations begin

Negotiations concluded

They probably spent $0.35 cents.
In our country, we would shut the street down for 48 hours. Take 12 hours to talk him out of it. Spend $5 million giving him a fair trial. And pay his food and lodging for life. No wonder their products are cheaper than ours!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will The Next Vince Foster Please Stand

It seems this poor guy found out that you don't mess with Yobama's friends, no matter how much taxpayer money they may steal. Remember how Leftists wanted to lynch GWB for firing a few U.S. Attorneys, attorneys who BTW, serve at the presidents pleasure? And remember how old Bill (a blowjob ain't sex) Clinton fired all 93 of the US Attorneys he found when he became president, without so much as a whimper from anybody? Yep, it's good-old DC politics at work. I may just call my insurance agent and take out a life insurance policy on this guy. Hey, good investments are hard to find these days!


Obama to extend benefits to gay workers

President Barack Obama, under growing criticism for not seeking to end the ban on openly gay men and women in the military, is extending benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees.

So all that one has to do is get a same sex roommate and pretend to be gay for that person to get the same benefits as a federal employee? Hmmmmm.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama blocks list of visitors to White House

Taking Bush's position (gasp!), administration denies msnbc.com request for logs

So much for transparency!

The Idiots of America

There is a letter to the editor in the local paper today and when I read the comments I was shocked to read this:

"You do like getting your letters printed don't you? I read it this morning in the Star Ledger and now in the Courier News as well. The murder of the security guard is directly related to Faux News and the right wing commentators inciting people. Not Barack Obama.
Stop looking for conspiracies where they don't exist please."

This person I doubt is smart enough to have originated this idea so is there a leftist outlet blaming "right-wing commentators" on Fox News for inciting violence? I bet she means Glenn Beck and/or the tea party movement that people attribute to Fox News. This is along the lines of what was posted yesterday.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Heinrich Himmler Would Be Proud

Yes, it's something the WWII Nazi SS chief would've done. This story might be enough to make some people stop commenting on blogs. It may also be a wake-up call for those who think we still live in a free country. Unlike places like Iran and N. Korea, which simply shut down access to communications systems (like the Internet, e-mail, or twitter/tweeter/twatter, or whatever they call that nonsense) which allow people to talk about things the government doesn't like, here it seems, the govt. will simply prosecute you for discussing things "they deem" unacceptable. And, believe it or not, GWB and Dick Cheney have nothing to do with it! I wonder what the Founding fathers would have said about this dangerous and deadly threat to free speech...


At Least the Media is Admitting it Now

I think this video speaks for itself...


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tax on health benefits may be delayed until 2013

WASHINGTON – Legislation to be outlined next week in the Senate Finance Committee will likely include a new tax on workers with the costliest employer-provided health coverage (even though Maobama campaigned against it), officials said Friday, but with implementation delayed until 2013 to minimize any political fallout...... A 2013 effective date would allow Obama to run for re-election before its impact is felt.

1) What is the "costliest employer-provided health coverage"? Health coverage that isn't government-provided health coverage? 2) Are the American people really so dumb that they would re-elect the liar right before their taxes are impacted or ARE they too worried about American Idol to even pay attention?

Maobama lied. America died.

Update: Sunday P.M.:
No support for health benefits tax . Vice President Joe Biden said that administration doesn't want to tax health care benefits even though the proposal should be on the table.

Friday, June 12, 2009

for Friday

I have found my cause

click my

Earth-Venus smash-up possible in 3.5 billion years !!!!!!!
and ALGORE is doing nothing about it!!!!!!!

So I will take charge..... please send me all your money (tax delectable, if you cheat on your taxes) and I will save the world!!!!!

my quick & easy solution - after I have all your money, I will pile it up on the side of the Earth scheduled to hit Venus thereby altering the gravitational effect of the two body system and averting the crash.

Then I will spend your money, saving the country from it's current economic problems....

What Kind Of People Are We?

It has long been my strongly held opinion that the most dangerous and destructive force we have to deal with in this country is not terrorism, but the MSM. It is the media that supplies the people with the overwhelming majority of the information they get. Is is the media that sets the tone for national discussions on major issues. It is the media that forms opinions, based on their own polls, which BTW, have never been proven to be either accurate or truthful. And it is the media, for the most part, that decides who will run this country. As i said a year ago, McCain may have stood a chance to beat Yobama, but he had no chance to beat the MSM, which had already decided who the next president would be.

Now, thanks to that media's influence over the thought process of far too many Americans, we find ourselves with a president who is an outright and unapologetic liar, one who is fully aware of his lies. Not just another exaggerating politician, but a full-blown liar! Just think back at all the things Obummer said during the campaign, then list all the things he's either done, not done, ignored, or totally reversed. Did he tell us he planned to nationalize our largest private corporations? Did he tell us our grandchildren would still be paying for his ideology? Did he tell us that we would go from a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, to an all-powerful, one party, ruling class? And once again, it's the MSM that allows him to get away with it.

How much damage will be done to our country before the American people catch on to, not just Obummer, but to the MSM? And here's the really scary question; do the Amerikan people, still consumed with the media-inspired Obamhysteria, still gulping their media-prepared Kool-Aid, even care?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

...and a job as spokesMAN for Snap-On Tools.

Chastity Bono announces sex change

LOS ANGELES — Chastity Bono is having a sex change to become a man.

A spokesman for the daughter of Sonny and Cher says Bono "has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity" and began the sex-change process earlier this year.

Publicist Howard Bragman said Bono "is proud of his decision" and hopes "that his choice to transition will open the hearts and minds of the public regarding this issue."

The 40-year-old writer, activist and reality-TV star came out as gay 20 years ago.

Not that I truly care about any particular case like this, but WTF is wrong with the world? And I'm sorry, but if you're born with a vagina, you ain't a "him".
Schteveo shouldn't care

Another Fox "Conservative"?

Yesterday, while watching the "massive" response and media coverage of the DC shooting, i turned to FoxNews, something i rarely ever do any more. They had Shep Smith, (i call him Shemp) one of their in-house clowns on the air covering the story as it unfolded. He was joined by some chic from the notoriously Left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center. BTW, where was the same massive response and coverage for the Army recruiter murdered in Arkansas?

Shemp, wearing one of his Barnum and Baily suits, and with the usual tons of make-up on his face, then got onto the topic of president Yomama's birth certificate, and the "millions" of people who feel he's not legally qualified to be yo president. He then got very upset and made the outrageous statement that, "there is zero chance that he's not qualified, and the people who think that are all crazies"! Now, to make a definitive statement like that, one would assume this punk must've seen Obummer's birth certificate, right?

Now my questions are, has this nitwit been doin some bad drugs? Have the tons of make-up they paste on this punk seeped into his brain? Or, is he just another closet liberal who's managed to get into the Fox family of buffoons, loudmouths, ego maniacs, and morons?


Liberals (government) to decide what you earn?

US government seeks to rein in executive pay
Democrats want to push administration on US corporate pay strategies
Thursday June 11, 2009, 11:28 am EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is taking a half-step toward taming U.S. executive pay. Some lawmakers prefer a fuller stride.
Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee said Thursday the administration's efforts to hector the private sector into reining in executive pay might not go far enough.

Rather than picking on the brightest folks who make Capitalism work - the Marxist bastards should pick on Stupid Hollywood actors and dumber professional athletes who make many times more than the average CEO.

I say leave the MBAs alone and go after the NBA, MLB, NFL, & SAG!


Hey, how would you like to live on a warm, sunny, and totally gorgeous island, and for free? Well, all you need to do is become a terrorist and have the US capture you. You see, the Marxist mental patients who control our government thought it would be nice to send a bunch of Gitmo terrorists to the tropical island of Bermuda, to lay in the sun and have themselves a big laugh. (can you blame them?) So why are they laughing? Well, it's mostly because the nation of fools, (that's you and me) are picking up the tab! The last time i went to Bermuda, it cost me $3K for the week!

Your Attorney General, comrade Eric Holder, said sending these terrorists from Gitmo to Bermuda will "make Amerika safer". I could possibly follow that logic back when i was drinking, but right now it totally escapes me. Then again, what do i know. I'm just a tax payer...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama pitches pay-as-you-go plan for Congress

On one hand.....
President Barack Obama on Tuesday challenged Congress to pay for new increases in federal benefit programs as it goes rather than sink the nation deeper into a debt...
(In other words.... Get ready to pay a significant amount MORE in taxes.)

On the other hand.....
Obama: It's OK to borrow to pay for health care. Obama proposed budget rules allow deficits to swell to pay for health care plan.
(In other words.... Get ready to bend over for China, assuming China will loan the government MORE money.)

Irony? Aisle 4

What could be more ironic than a line of hand sanatizers recalled for bacterial contamination?


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Michele as Jethrine - that is funny

a single picture is worth a thousand words

The Washington Improbables

The Washington Improbables (With apologies to Paul Henning)

Come and listen to my story about a man named Barack
Poor community organizer, barely kept his family feed
Then one day he was planting some Acorns
And up through the ground come a bubbling ballots
Votes, that is, black gold, Hollywood tea-baggers
Next thing you know ol’ Baracks the president
Kin folk said, Barack, lets move away from here
Said the Capital is the place you ought to be
So they loaded up the truck and moved to Washington
D C, that is, swimming pools, movie stars

The Washington Improbables
Barack as Jed
Michele’s momma as Granny
Michele as Jethrine
The Democrat Party as Jethro
Sonia Sotomayer as Elly Mae
Harry Reid as Mr. Drysdale
Nancy Pelosi as Miss Jane
Hillary as Mrs. Drysdale
Zeituni Oayango as Aunt Pearl
Bo as Duke
Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd as Flatt & Scruggs
Mary Jo Kopechne as Janet Trego (if you look this one up you will realize how warped I am)
Bill Clinton as the food taster
Jimbo as “Book ‘em” Dano

Episode 1 – Jethro enrolls in the 7th grade
Episode 2 - Elly Mae rassles with the secret service
Episode 3 – Granny lets slip a family secret about Barack

4 seasons later, series canceled
OK, all you anti-Mooselam types, 'splain this.
Villagers fight Taliban after Pakistan mosque blast
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Villagers in northwest Pakistan have attacked Taliban militants killing seven of them in revenge for a bomb attack on a mosque that killed at least 40 people, a top government official and residents said on Sunday.

It was the latest in a series of instances of people turning their guns on the Taliban in recent weeks and trying to force them out of their areas and will encourage the Pakistani government which needs public support to defeat the militants.

The United States, which needs sustained Pakistani action to help defeat al Qaeda and cut off militant support for the insurgency in Afghanistan, will also be heartened by the move.

The Pakistani military has been battling Taliban in the Swat valley, northwest of the capital, for more than a month after the militants took advantage of a peace pact to gain new ground.

The army offensive has broad public support even though many in Pakistan are ambivalent about the Taliban and are wary of the government's close alliance with the United States.

Taliban militants have also launched a string of bomb attacks in response to the military offensive and are suspected of being behind a suicide bomb attack on a mosque in the Upper Dir region, near Swat, that killed about 40 people on Friday.

After the blast, enraged villagers formed a militia, known as a lashkar, of about 500 men to expel the militants from the area, said the top government official in the region.

"They are standing up against the militants themselves as they consider them troublemakers," the government administrator, Atif-ur-Rehman, told Reuters by telephone.

I guess this proves, once and for all, they're ALL just murdering thugs, huh?
Schteveo hates group think / group hate

Obama's food taster

I posted this over at moonbattery also

Obama uses food taster in France

What Say You?

Yesterday was June 6th, the day we set aside to honor our fallen heroes who gave their all to liberate Europe in WWII. Personally, i don't think Europe is worth the life of one American warrior, let alone tens-of-thousands, but that's just my opinion. I came across this story which caught my attention for two reasons. First, if what this guy has been claiming is false, it's an outrage and an insult to every American hero who fought in that massive battle. Second, and more personal, i had two cousins who jumped into Normandy on June 6th, 1944 with the 82nd. They're still there, resting under a couple of white crosses.

And yet the French say that even if his claims are false, and official US military records show that they are, they still plan to give him their highest military honor simply for being there. How typical of them. There are still veterans alive today who fought in that campaign, but i haven't read anything about any of them getting a medal from the frogs...


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yet another reason to go, "off the grid".

I've been a proponent of self power for years. Now, with the "smart grid" looming in our future, I'm more a proponent than ever. Screw President BOHICA being able to turn my thermostat up or down. Not until he turns Algore's down first!
`Smart grid' — buzz of the electric power industry
WASHINGTON — Thomas Alva Edison, meet the Internet.

More than a century after Edison invented a reliable light bulb, the nation’s electricity distribution system, an aging spider web of power lines, is poised to move into the digital age.

The “smart grid” has become the buzz of the electric power industry, at the White House and among members of Congress. President Barack Obama says it’s essential to boost development wind and solar power, get people to use less energy and tackle climate change.

What smart grid visionaries see coming are home thermostats and individual appliances that adjust automatically based on the cost of power, and water heaters that can draw power from a neighbor’s rooftop solar panel. They see a time when, on a scorching hot day, a plug-in hybrid electric car charges one minute and a few moments later sends electricity back into the grid to help avert a brownout.

I guess I'm an odd kinda person, I want what I want, and I'm willing to pay for it. So, I'll be using as much electricity as I want. Not to mention the fact that I've NEVER been able to see how my cutting back on anything here, will improve life in Sri Lanka or Germany or Tibet.
Coool Schteveo

Friday, June 5, 2009

White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar

If you took/take stimulus money.... Oh. Excuse me.... I mean "bail out" money, you are subject to the new "Pay" Czar to make sure you don't make too much money.

"The Obama administration earlier this year issued guidelines that include limiting salary for top executives at some firms receiving TARP funds and requiring that additional pay be in the form of restricted stock, vesting only after the company repays its debt, with interest, to the government. Congress then chimed in with even tougher rules curbing bonuses for top earners at firms receiving TARP money."

This makes Czar #15 according to Fox News. Move over Romanov Dynasty.

America? Guess Again.

Last year, when Yobama was running around lying his head off in order to get elected, several reports came out claiming he's really a foreign-born Mooselamb, and therefor not legally qualified to be the US president. Of course, his fans in the MSM quickly labeled such reports as racist lies. Now, for the last couple of days, i see Obummer off visiting Mooselamb countries telling them of his Mooselamb father and his coming from Mooselamb Indonesia! It sure sounds to me like he's over there confirming all those "racist lies" his worshipers in the media were howling about. Is the truth finally coming out, albeit disguised as a peace-making effort, so that the American people will swallow it, as they swallow everything else?

Another thing his visit with his Mooselamb brothers has taught me is that, all the things i've learned as a "natural born" American, are apparently wrong. America is not a Christian nation. We are in fact, "the worlds largest Mooselamb nation"! WTF!! So, in just over 100 days, not only has El Yobama managed to do away with those pesky little things that have bothered the far-Left for decades, like capitalism, democracy, private enterprise, etc., but now he's doing away with Christianity as well? I don't know about you, but these are the questions i'm asking my self.

1) Have the notoriously gullible, brain-dead, Kool-Aid gulping American people been duped into actually electing a foreign-born Mooselamb as their president?

2) Will 78.5% of the above-described people accept that they're no longer Christians, and if not, what will/can they do about it?

3) Is there enough will, brains, and backbone left in this country to admit that we've been had?

Because if there isn't, then we deserve everything that's coming our way...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

FINALLY, a Cabinet Secretary, with a vested interest in his job!!

It seems that Tim Geitner has a house he's taking a beating on. As President BOHICA's head money guy Geitner faces the same problem millions of Americans face, he's upside down, with respect to the mortgage, on his current home.
Let's just hope, that he's interested enough in his own plight, to fix this situation for everyone.
NEW YORK -- The real estate market's troubles are hitting close to home for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

After reducing the price on his house in a tony New York City suburb to less than he paid for it, Geithner still couldn't sell and recently rented it out instead, according to real estate agents familiar with the deal.

Geithner put his five-bedroom Tudor near leafy Larchmont on the market for $1.635 million in February, after heading to Washington for his job as the nation's top economic official.

A few weeks after the asking price was dropped to $1.575 million, the home was rented for $7,500 a month on May 21, said the agents, Scott Stiefvater of Stiefvater Real Estate and Debbie Meiliken of Keller Williams Realty New York.

My question is this, did the DNC find him a renter, or did some "agency" really do it? Either way, $7500 per month is stiff!!
And WTF ever happened to HLF!? Where did he / she go?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where's Annie?

anyone hear from Annie? I, for one, sure miss you, Sweetie!


Sonia, don't forget your Chapstick and kneepads

Sotomayor to make her Capitol Hill debut
Judge to hold meet-and-greets ahead of Supreme Court confirmation vote
WASHINGTON - Appeals court judge Sonia Sotomayor is getting her first chance to make an impression on senators who will vote on her nomination to the Supreme Court, with a marathon set of Capitol Hill meet-and-greets that kicks off what could be a long debate.

Sotomayor's schedule Tuesday is packed with roughly half-hour meetings — known as "courtesy calls" — that are as important for the courtly tone they set for the debate as they are for offering a few moments of candid conversation with the nominee.
Sotomayor is set to meet with 10 senators during her first day on Capitol Hill, retreating to Vice President Joe Biden's office in between sessions to huddle with the White House team, heavy with confirmation battle veterans, that's guiding her nomination.

"...retreating to Vice President Joe Biden's office in between sessions..."
Retreating? I'm not sure retreating is the correct term to use. Retreating, to most people, implies a fight, and a possible defeat, backing away to re-group for a fight.

I guess it would have sounded like gloating, or over the top to have said, "...waltzing to Vice President Joe Biden's office in between sessions...", OR "...cake walking to Vice President Joe Biden's office in between sessions...", OR, because Ms Sotamaor is of Spanish descent, "...Salsa Dancing to Vice President Joe Biden's office in between sessions...".