Thursday, June 30, 2011

...and next, the sky will open!!

Geitner Leaving

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has signaled to White House officials that he’s considering leaving the administration after Presi
Linkdent Barack Obama reaches an agreement with Congress to raise the national debt limit, according to three people familiar with the matter. Geithner hasn’t made a final decision and won’t do so until the debt ceiling issue has been resolved, according to one of the people. All spoke on condition of anonymity to talk about private discussions.

The Treasury secretary has said the U.S. risks defaulting on its obligations if Congress doesn’t raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by Aug. 2. The administration and congressional Republicans are at an impasse in negotiations to raise the limit, which also is tied to efforts to cut the nation’s long- term deficit.

Moody’s Investors Service said on June 2 it expects to place the U.S. government’s AAA credit rating under review for a possible downgrade if there’s no progress on the debt limit by mid-July. Fitch Ratings said June 21 it would place the U.S. on a negative rating watch if no action is taken by Aug. 2.

An exit by Geithner would complete the turnover in Obama’s original economic team, with Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee scheduled to leave in early August to return to the University of Chicago.

Now all we have to do is get their BOSS to quit, or at least leave after ONE Term!




Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I would NOT mess with Ann Coulter!

She says what she wants, when she wants. Today she's taking up for Glenn Beck.
If you haven't heard, Glenn, his wife and a grown daughter showed their abhorrent attitudes about the world, and had the effrontery to show up in a NYC Park, to see a FREE movie. Needless to say, alcohol and mob bravado took hold and there were words, and BS. GB was pretty mellow about it when he told it this morning. His concern, to his credit, was for the ladies who were with him.
Ann Coulter, on the other hand, would like to strafe the next movie. If not with guns, then at least with sharp words.


Of all the details surrounding the liberal mob attack on Glenn Beck and his family in New York's Bryant Park last Monday night, one element stands out. "No, it won't be like that, Dad," his daughter said when Beck questioned the wisdom of attending a free, outdoor movie showing in a New York park.

People who have never been set upon by a mob of liberals have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a publicly recognizable conservative. Even your friends will constantly be telling you: "Oh, it will be fine. Don't worry. Nothing will happen. This place isn't like that."

Liberals are not like most Americans. They are the biggest pussies on Earth, city-bred weaklings who didn't play a sport and have never been in a fight in their entire lives. Their mothers made excuses for them when they threw tantrums and spent way too much time praising them during toilet training.

I could draw a mug shot of every one of Beck's tormentors, and I wasn't there.

Beck and his family would have been fine at an outdoor rap concert. They would have been fine at a sporting event. They would have been fine at any paid event, mostly because people who work for the government and live in rent-controlled apartments would be too cheap to attend.

Only a sad leftist with a crappy job could be so brimming with self-righteousness to harangue a complete stranger in public.

A liberal's idea of being a bad-ass is to say vicious things to a conservative public figure who can't afford to strike back. Getting in a stranger's face and hurling insults at him, knowing full well he has too much at risk to deck you, is like baiting a bear chained to a wall.

They are not only exploiting our lawsuit-mad culture, they are exploiting other people's manners. I know I'll be safe because this person has better manners than I do.
It goes on, and in her usual cutting fashion, she cuts to the chase. Wishing all the time, I think, it was some liberal, drunken moron's nut sack!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good news on MY Homefront

I'm floored, here's the body of an e-mail I just got.
Republican Voters Make History in Johnston County
Republicans Lead Democrats for First Time in County History
Smithfield, North Carolina - June 28, 2011 - For the first time in known history, Republicans in Johnston County now lead Democrats in voter registrations numbers. Johnston County becomes the 34th county in North Carolina to hold a majority in Republican voter registrants and the only county with such to border Wake.

The official records of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, issued on June 25, 2011, show Republicans with a slight advantage, 37,726 Republicans to 37,720 Democrats. This is a net gain of 2,551 for Republicans since the presidential election of 2008.

JCGOP Chairman Andrew Tyree states, "I believe this shift in voter affiliation is because Johnstonians are becoming less tolerant of the failed policies of Barack Obama and Governor Perdue. Each election cycle, the people of Johnston County continue to elect Republicans because they believe in conservative principals." Chairman Tyree went on to say, "I am launching a voter registration drive, beginning with most July 4th celebrations this weekend. It will be an opportunity for us to reach out to the different parts of the county and expand our base."
The Wake County mentioned in the first Paragraph is where Raleigh is. It's the State Capital, it''s the next county over from me going west. But even though the state is traditionally Democrat controlled, that county is getting more conservative too. They just elected a School Board that is dismantling their School Busing for Diversity travesty.

This change in my county is a HUGE story down here. This county used to be all Dixiecrats. The County Seat, Smithfield, used to have a huge sign as you entered town that looked like this. Well not LIKE this, here's the sign.

Yep, THOSE kinda Southern Democrats.
George Wallace lovin', Lester Maddox supportin', axe handle swinging, rope lynchin' racists!

Most of those guys are dead or dying, so things are changed. I don't wish bad things on them, it goes against my personal beliefs, but this is a change for the better in many ways. And this entire area is becoming a great place to live! Although, TX is looking better everyday. Even Mrs. Schteveo said something abut Texas the other night.

Watch where you walk Rover!


This tree has had ENOUGH!!!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here it is, from the TOP! Real Economic Answers.

We've doubled the National Debt. The economy is NO better, and we're not seeing much out of Washington. But Mr. Obama has come out oon how we can fix the economy. Well, he just knows what NOT to do.Link.
"But we can't simply cut our way to prosperity."
President Barack Obama said Saturday he remained committed to working with Congress to find a solution to the government's debt problem, but the focus could not only be on spending cuts.
Obama's comments come as the president prepared to meet separately with Senate Democratic and Republican leaders Monday to attempt to revive negotiations that collapsed Thursday when Republicans walked out over Democrats' demands for tax hikes.
"Of course, there's been a real debate about where to invest and where to cut, and I'm committed to working with members of both parties to cut our deficits and debt," Obama said in his weekly radio address. "But we can't simply cut our way to prosperity," he added.

Obama said the nation still needed to invest in education, infrastructure and developing new technologies to grow the U.S. economy.


If he 'invests' in the economy, where does he get the money? He keeps saying this crap, but it hasn't worked. And by definition, repeating the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome, is INSANITY.

And the concept that SLOWING spending is NOT a good way to slow your indebtedness is maybe the stupidest thing I've ever heard the man say. If you're really broke, does buying a new car, a bigger house or a new wardrobe SOLVE the problem? But isn't that precisely what he is proposing?

I'm always surprised at what they DON'T know!


Not on your LIFE!

I got three calls this morning from Nigeria.


Yep, one after the other.

People screaming and carrying on, drums beating, someone asking for (a name I could not make out).

I got one that went to VM. I answered the second one, trying see what was up. When I answered it for the third call, the woman said she couldn't hear me, "...please call me back, I need help!"

At, if I did call back, just what kind of help can I offer someone in NIGERIA?

I suspect it's a scam. I call them back, get switched around for 5 minutes and then get a phone charge tagged to my regular bill for hundreds of dollars from Ma Bell Nigeria. No thanks, I'll throw my money away elsewhere thanks.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Will the price of Venezuelan oil drop now?

Some of my personal beliefs are supposed to keep me from wishing ill to anyone. So let me say, that I'm hoping Hugo Chavez goes to Heaven soon.
(what they do with him once he gets there...well, to quote the President, ...'That's above my Pay Grade'.)

Report: Hugo Chávez in Critical Condition In Cuban Hospital

Hugo Chávez extended stay in a Cuban hospital is because he is in critical condition, according to a report in El Nuevo Herald.

The Venezuelan president, who was last seen in public June 9 and last heard from on June 12, on a phone call with Venezuelan state television, was said to have been treated for a pelvic abscess in Cuba.

During the call Chávez said that medical tests showed no sign of any "malignant" illness

But according to the report in El Nuevo Herald, Chávez finds himself in "critical condition, not grave, but critical, in a complicated situation."

Chávez silence has led to chatter and speculation in Venezuela that the socialist leader is actually suffering from prostate cancer. Intelligence officials could not confirm a diagnosis of prostate cancer but Chávez family did go to Cuba in the last 72 hours, according to wire service EFE.

Cuba's state media website, 'Cubadebate', released photos on June 17 that showed Chávez posing with Fidel and Raul Castro in his hospital room. Chávez smiled for the camera in a track suit, while a frail-looking Fidel clutched Chávez arm.

Before the report that Chávez was in critical condition, his brother sought to reassure Venezuela that he was recovering well.

"In response to all the rumors, I can give faith that the president is recovering in a satisfactory manner," Adan Chávez, who is a state governor, told state television Wednesday. "The president is a strong man."
So here's the question. Will Chavez do OK in the Cuban Healthcare System? Perhaps we should ask Michael Moore if he's better off in Havana, or in The Mayo Clinic? I'm sure if Chavez dies, OUR lefties will find a way to blame George Bush.
let's hope Michael Moore needs Castro's Medical System soon too! It seems only fair that he use the system HE showed to be the best in "Sicko". Right?


I've tried everything I can think of to find TGRT Financial, to get them to turn off the e-mail. No good. Any ideas?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Texas INVADED by Foreign Troops!!! Not really.

OK, what would the UN say if WE did this!? What would happen if the U.S. Military drove trucks into Mexico!
A convoy of three military trucks loaded with Mexican soldiers crosses the border
at Bridge Number Two clearly violating international law.

It happens as Customs and Border Protection inspectors try to figure out what to do.

A CBP spokesperson says they got on the phone with Mexican authorities after being alerted that the military trucks were heading their direction loaded down with soldiers and weapons.

Mexican leaders say the soldiers, who had just been deployed to Nuevo Laredo, didn't know the area, got lost and then made their way through Bridge Two.
Seriously? They were NEW to the area and got LOST?

Aw, what a crock of crapl'ola! For three miles, before you get to the border on EITHER side, there are signs saying in English and Spanish, "International Border, 3 Miles, last 3 Exits." Then, oddly, it COUNTS down, "...Last 2 Exits.", "...Last Exit Before Border Checkpoints."

Not to mention the freakin' traffic at the crossings.

I have no idea WHY they did this, but anyone who has ever been down there knows that this was NOT an 'accident'. What a complete bunch of PC crap this is.

He who smellta,Delta

I think all non-mooslums should boycott Delta

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Presidential Ticket

Rumor has it that Anthony Weiner is going to run for president.

He has chosen attorney general Eric Holder as his running mate.

Get your Weiner-Holder bumper stickers early,

before they are all gone.

Sorry it's been so long. Since I last was here, I have a new grandson and a new son-in-law! All is well!

Adolf Would Be Proud

In 21st century Amerika, we've all become familiar with the so-called Food-Nazi's, the Edu-Nazi's, Enviro-Nazi's, health-Nazi's, and the tobacco-Nazi's. This refers to those on the Left who believe they always know what's best for everyone else, and use the courts and the government to make sure we comply with their "politically-motivated" whims. I say politically-motivated because none of the stated aims is what their actions are really about. Oh sure, they do want us to comply with their orders and live as they say we should. But in fact, what all these movements are really about is, control! Having the power and authority to control the everyday lives of all of us, from what we eat, to what we drive, to what kind of light bulbs we can use. "TOTAL CONTROL"!

So it should come as no surprise to see that the Nazi's have finally gotten around to sex. Yes, sex. Actually, this has more to do with the kind of sex people think and/or talk about than the kind they do. If you're thinking "thought control", you're right, which is why it's taking place in our public indoctrination centers. If you're also thinking, "more special protections for gays and women", you're right again...

"To conquer a nation without the use of military force, you must first control the minds of their young... " ---- Karl Marx

These guys HAD to be Admin!!! Right?

OK, here's the set-up.
St Louis.
Marine Week.
2:30 AM
THREE Marines get robbed.
By TWO unarmed men.
(yeah, that's what I said too)
Police report that two Marines in their early 20s were walking near the Soldier’s Memorial downtown around 2:30 Monday morning, when two suspects in their 20s approached. According to the police report, the suspects tried to sell the Marines jewelry and then an argument led to a fight.

“We take this story at face value and we’re going to investigate it,” said Police Chief Dan Isom.

Even Mayor Francis Slay reacted to the news with skepticism, wondering how three Marines, one of whom was carrying a knife, would lose their knife and a wallet to two un-armed men.

“They were in an altered state because they had a fair amount to drink and it was 2:30 in the morning,” Slay said. ”The Marines are great to St. Louis and certainly this is not indicative of Marine Week.”

But a Marine spokesman shed more light on the mugging, suggesting that the Marines turned the other cheek to avoid violence.

“Marines have been given rules of engagement not to engage in any violence except to protect their lives,” said Marine Spokeswoman Capt Kate Vanden Bossche.

When asked if the Marines have essentially been told to hand over their wallets in St. Louis, rather than fight to protect their property, Vanden Bossche said: “If someone is in such dire need that they need to rob someone, I don’t think that’s a fight Marines need to get into.”

A Marine press release on the attack indicates how the fight ended: ”After a brief altercation, the parties were separated with the help of the third Marine and police were contacted. The Marines relinquished their wallets and both assailants fled the scene.”

Sad, sad, sad! And I'm not buying the ROE Defense. These guys wimped out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birds do it, bees do it...

Even drunk college kids do it!!!
Not not 'that' kind of 'do it'! I'm talking about getting drunk, and peeing in the local fresh water reservoir. This article even says the birds, ducks, do it! But I want to know what the last sentence means. I'm stymied, see if you can figure it out.
Just read it.

Because a 21-year-old man was caught on a security camera urinating into a city reservoir, Oregon's biggest city is sending 8 million gallons of treated drinking water down the drain.

Public health officials say, however, that urine is sterile in healthy people and that the urine in the reservoir was so diluted - perhaps a half pint in millions of gallons - that it posed little risk.
Water from the city's five open air reservoirs, all in parks, goes directly to customers. The reservoirs are due to be replaced by underground storage within a decade, a result of federal requirements.
The reservoirs are drained twice a year for cleaning, and workers have found animal carcasses, paint cans, construction material, fireworks debris and even the plastic bags people use to scoop up after their dogs, said David Shaff, administrator of the city water bureau.

Even so, Shaff said, the yuck factor was the primary reason for the decision to drain the 8 million gallons, at a cost of less than $8,000 to treat it as sewage.

"Nobody wants to drink pee, and I don't want to deal with the 100 people who would be unhappy that I'm serving them pee in their water," he said. Shaff said the security cameras also showed something that's still unidentified was thrown in the water, heightening concern about potential risks.

City Commissioner Randy Leonard, who is in charge of the water bureau, defended the decision, citing a potential public health risk. He said he worried about the possibility of chlamydia or AIDS from blood in urine.

"I'm for taking the most conservative approach," he said.

The young man, Josh Seater, told KATU-TV he'd been drinking, was with friends and thought that the reservoir was a sewage treatment plant. He said he felt guilty instantly, and then security guards arrived.

"I knew I did wrong when I did it," he told the station.

In addition to the sewage charge, Shaff said, the flushed water is worth $28,000.

The Mount Hood watershed that supplies the city is brimming this spring, with 8 million gallons flowing through it about every half hour.

"If I lived in Texas, I might have had a different response," he said.


OK, I get all of that. The city guys wimped out, over the possible 21st Century citizen's, knee jerk reaction to people 'drinking' human pee. I guess they're OK with duck pee? But, what the HELL does that last line mean, and WHO said it?!!

Mr. Shaff, the water supervisor thinks people in Texas should or could drink pee?

Mr. Leonard, the city councilman thinks people in Texas would or should drink pee?

Mr Seater, the drunken pisser, thinks people would, could or should drink his pee?

And why Texas? I've been to Texas. Their bumper stickers say,

"DON'T mess with Texas!"

They don't not say,

"In Texas, we drink Pee!"

And unless this article left it out, is Seater going to be responsible for that water they tossed?

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Party-Time 2.0

Do you remember what happened down in NOLA after hurricane Katrina, when the govt. gave away truck loads of your tax money to anyone who had their hand out? As of today, no one has a clue as to where all that money went, or who got it, although we did see where some of it went. Do you remember all the stories about "all dem po folk" buying $1500. designer handbags, 60" TV's, new cars, and just about everything else that hadn't been stolen yet? Well, guess what? It looks like they're gonna do it again! That's right kids. All those folks who bought homes they knew they couldn't/wouldn't pay for are now going to get even more of your money! You? No, you're not gonna get a dime of it. This is for all those poor folks who bought $300-$500K homes on a weekly income of $150. (or less) And what do you get out of all this? Well, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you're bringing "pleasure and joy" (it's actually laughter) to all those folks who will be watching their big, new, flat-screen TV's while you're out working at your 3rd job.

Ever hear the saying, "elections have consequences"? Maybe now you're starting to understand what that actually means...

Training For What?

Why would the US Marines be conducting a massive "training exercise" along the East Coast of the US? This article suggests it's for a possible ground invasion of Libya. In case you're not counting, that would make it War #4. (4 that we know about) Of course, if it's not Libya, then it would have to be something else of great importance to justify such a huge expenditure of money, equipment, and manpower. What else would be that important? Well, how about preparing for possible civil unrest resulting from the next election, or the lack thereof? Maybe somebody thinks the brain-dead American people might not take kindly to having the election postponed, or having their Constitution suspended due to a "national emergency"? Hmm...

And what gives with the Pentagon, the Marines, and CNN? Has CNN been nationalized by the govt, or has the Pentagon been liberalized by CNN?

This is starting to get serious.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Censorship. Plain & Simple. But why?

Here's my suggestion. If you hire a person to skewer the 'other guy', and you get a little 'skewer' on YOU, live with it!
A comedian impersonating President Obama made racially tinged jokes Saturday at the Republican Leadership Conference before being pulled off the stage by an event organizer.

The Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown, said that while the First Lady celebrated all of Black History Month, the bi-racial president only celebrated half the month.

Brown also said: "My mother loved a black man, and she was not a Kardashian."

Brown didn’t just limit his jokes to Obama, though. He also mocked Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, ridiculed Newt Gingrich’s faltering campaign and suggested Tim Pawlenty needed a spinal transplant.

As Brown was preparing to make a Michele Bachmann joke, one of the conference’s officials came out to the lectern and told the comedian to leave the stage.


At best, it's bad form, to invite a guy to make jokes, and fire him for making jokes. It, to me, seems less than adult to do this. I'll go so far as to say, it looks a lot like the kind of stuff the Democrats do. Speaking one way, acting another. What a crock of BS, this was, IMHO.

Didn't anyone check out this guys act BEFORE they hired him? C'mon? Are they that incompetent at the RNC? Oh, wait, they're the ones who put John McCain out there as the 'best' choice for POTUS last time. So it WAS incompetence!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let Us Review

Boner TV

Keith Olberman is talking up Anthony "The Little Flasher" Weiner for a spot on Al Gore's Current TV Network.

Within hours after Anthony Weiner announced his resignation from Congress, former MSNBC gabber Keith Olbermann suggested he may hire the soon-to-be-former New York lawmaker for a talk show on former Vice President Al Gore's fledgling television network, Current TV.

Olbermann, appearing on comedian Jimmy Fallon's late night television program Thursday night, was asked how long he thinks it would be before rival network CNN created a show for Weiner.

"Well, you know, I've got a nine o'clock show that I am probably going to hire somebody for," Olbermann told Fallon, referring to the space immediately after his upcoming new show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Current TV.

Fallon asked Olbermann if would hire Weiner.

"Eliot Spitzer is doing okay on CNN at eight o'clock," Olbermann replied with a smile.

And people said he wouldn't be able to get a job!!
The last time I saw that many pricks in one place, I was in a live sex show, 42ND Street and Times Square, NYC, 1980 or so.

Any bets that AlGore TV will last ANY longer than AirAmerica Radio did? I'm thinking with such luminaries as Olberman, Gore and Weiner, it goes two years, TOPS. As evidenced by the demise of AirAmerica, liberal Democrats are TOO busy picketing, rioting, and bitching to watch TV. It would seem to me, if you can't listen to liberal talk radio while you picket, riot, and bitch, you certainly can't watch TV doing all that!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Funny

Because we need a laugh!

You may have seen some of these before, but they're always good for a chuckle- as well as helping to explain some things...

Men Are Just Happier People --What do you expect from such simple creatures? But here's WHY they are happier.

Your last name stays put.

The garage is all yours.

Wedding plans take care of themselves.

Chocolate is just another snack.

You can be President.

You can never be pregnant.

You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.

You can wear NO shirt to a water park.

Car mechanics tell you the truth.

The world is your urinal.

You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky.

You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.

Same work, more pay.

Wrinkles add character.

Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100.

People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them.

New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.

One mood all the time.

Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.

You know stuff about tanks.

A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.

You can open all your own jars.

You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.

If someone forgets to invite you,

He or she can still be your friend.

Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack.

Three pairs of shoes are more than enough..

You almost never have strap problems in public.

You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes..

Everything on your face stays its original color.

The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.

You only have to shave your face and neck.

You can play with toys all your life.

One wallet and one pair of shoes -- one color for all seasons.

You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.

You can 'do' your nails with a pocket knife.

You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.

You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives

On December 24 in 25 minutes.

No wonder men are happier.

Full credit to my better half on this one.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Enemy Within

One of the first acts of the Clinton administration upon taking power was to gut our intelligence agencies, especially the CIA. This had been a "too-much-to-wish-for" fantasy of our enemies for decades. Many supporters of left-wing causes were infiltrated into the agency, and for the first time in it's history, the CIA became infamous for it's endless leaks to the media, and others. Also, there was a dramatic decline in the agency's ability to know what our enemies were doing around the world. This lead to many international embarrassments for America, especially when something happened somewhere and we didn't have a clue. In fact, one of the reasons GWNitwit sent us to war in Iraq was because of info given to him by the CIA. This agency was created to protect America, but there are many who sincerely believe that mission has been subverted and reversed.

Leon Panetta has been around DC for many years. First as a member of congress, he then went on to several different high-profile jobs in govt. He was appointed Director of CIA, one of the most powerful jobs in the entire govt, by the Marxist-in-Chief. Now, he's being considered for an even bigger job, Secretary of Defense, a job that will put him in control of our military. But do the America people "really know" about Panetta? Do they know his background? Do they know who his friends, mentors, and supporters are/were? I must admit that i didn't. Until now.

Since the days of WWII, we've known that communists have tried to infiltrate our govt and most of it's important agencies, and IMO, with more success than we like to think about. They've had far more success infiltrating academia, the labor movement, and of course, the MSM/entertainment industries. But what if they now control our CIA? We already know about the Left-wing sympathizers and leaker's that fill the agency. But what about the head of that agency? And if it turns out that he's someone who can't be trusted to protect our country, should we be really thinking of giving him control of our military? Perhaps the real answers are too scary to even think about...

"Barack Hussein Obama, protégé of Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, isn't the only member of the current misadministration with communist ties. Look what Accuracy in Media has learned about current CIA director and Secretary of Defense nominee Leon Panetta:

The evidence shows that Panetta had a close and personal relationship with a member of the Communist Party by the name of Hugh DeLacy, whose record included meeting with communist espionage agents..." (Borrowed from

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1000 words


Yes, it's official. NY has just been named "the most" expensive and restrictive state in the nation! Of course, to most of us who live here, this is not news. We are now the country's #1 Nanny State, a place where personal liberties are severely limited. In all fairness, i should tell you that this dubious honor applies mostly to NYC, since it is FAR more liberal than the rest of the State. And most of it is thanks to the gay Fascist who calls himself the mayor, "His Majesty" Bloomberg. Regardless of the particular political hat he may be wearing on any given day, he is a life-long, hard-core, elitist liberal Demoncrat who believes, because of his mega-wealth, that he, and only he, knows how you should (see: must) live your life.

As one who was born and raised here, and who's been around for "a few years", i can assure you that never have i seen this city as expensive nor as oppressive as it has been under the rule of our limp-wristed little mayor. The fees, fines, rates, and tolls, are the highest in the nation. (a pack of cigarettes in NYC is now about $14.) NYC alone has over 6K miles of streets and highways, and you won't find one "properly" paved road among them. But, thanks to the female Mooselamb His Majesty anointed as DOT commissioner, we do have tons of "smooth and pretty" bike lanes. Here in NYC, especially in Manhattan, if you smoke, own a car or legally own a gun, you are seen as being two levels below a child molester and are always the first to be penalized via taxes, fees, and regulations.

So what about our elected representatives? Well, here in NYC, if you're not a Demoncrat. If you're not a Leftist. And if you're not Jewish, don't even bother running for public office. And, as is the case in the rest of the country, it's not the lying, corrupt and incompetent officials who are to blame. It's the people who put them and keep them in power who are to blame.

Here in NYC, the notion of "We The People" has become the joke of the century...

Another Energy Price Increase?

As much as 60% more on your electric bill brought to you courtesy of.....

Monday, June 13, 2011


Recently, the NY Slimes and another leftist media entity, filed a Freedom of Information Act request to have tens-of-thousands of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's emails, texts, and other correspondences she made while in office, "made public". This is the MSM's way of saying, "we want to get our hands on this stuff ". So far, the plan doesn't seem to be working so well. Perhaps Palin is a lot smarter than they give her credit for being. Or worse yet, maybe she's something they don't even understand. Honest! What the big deal here is, in fact, what is unheard of, is that the MSM asked it's radical left-wing bloggers to, search through the pages looking for a "smoking gun" ! And, even though most of their hate-filled bloggers are anonymous, the NY Slimes will be more than happy to print every word. Can you imagine what they'll do if she actually decides to run for the WH?

As i've said in the past, one of the oldest tricks used by the radical left, (ie. the MSM) is to demonize and viciously attack those they fear the most. People like Limbaugh have been the victim of this tactic for years. And, while the polls show Mitt Romney leading his Republican opponents, you will not find one word against him in the media. In fact, most Demoncrats interviewed on TV are saying "they think" Romney should be the Republican candidate to oppose Obummer! That's kinda like the teacher letting you write the questions on a test you're going to take.

If you were to ask the left what their most horrific nightmare is, one that keeps them up at night in a cold sweat, i believe they would say, "seeing Sarah Palin in the Oval Office"...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spread 'Em!!!!

I'm adding to the number of places THIS item is available for use.

Personally I'd like t-shirts and bumper stickers made with this thing!! Either way, I want to see these spread around the country. So, print 'em, and spread 'em!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

No Friday Funny today, so I settled for Friday Stupdity

Once again, Al Gore proves beyond a shadow of a doubt just how dumb he truly is.
Al Gore: Earth's Interior 'Extremely Hot, Several Million Degrees'

Last Thursday, NBC "Tonight Show" viewers got a perfect example of how the Nobel Laureate basically makes things up, and that his poor grades in college were quite an indicator of just how little he understands about science.

On Tuesday, National Review's John Derbyshire noted:

The geothermal gradient is usually quoted as 25-50 degrees Celsius per mile of depth in normal terrain (not, e.g., in the crater of Kilauea). Two kilometers down, therefore, (that's a mile and a quarter if you're not as science-y as Al) you'll have an average gain of 30-60 degrees - exploitable for things like home heating, though not hot enough to make a nice pot of tea. The temperature at the earth's core, 4,000 miles down, is usually quoted as 5,000 degrees Celsius, though these guys claim it's much less, while some contrarian geophysicists have posted claims up to 9,000 degrees. The temperature at the surface of the Sun is around 6,000 degrees Celsius, while at the center, where nuclear fusion is going on bigtime, things get up over 10 million degrees.

If the temperature anywhere inside the earth was "several million degrees," we'd be a star.

He could be more goofy, stupid and wrong, but I'll be damned if I know how! And after he says these things you never hear anyone say he was wrong. Well, no one from the left anyway.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Third Reich Reborn

So, you're a law abiding citizen, asleep in your bed at 6:a.m. when your front door is kicked-in by "heavily armed" men who then drag you out of the house and pin you to the ground. At first, you may think that you've been transported back to Berlin in the mid-30's. You later find out that this raiding party is made-up of government agents from, no, not the FBI, or the CIA, or ATF, or even the DEA. They're from the US Dept. of Education! HUH? That's right, they're EduNazi's. After 34 years in law enforcement, this is a new one on me.

It seems the US Department of Education has a law enforcement division, complete with guns, arrest powers, the ability to serve search warrants, and God only knows what else! My question is, why? Has truancy become such a dangerous crime that armed raiding parties are necessary? Do they need guns to force kids to eat the sub-human crap they serve in school lunch rooms? I can understand an agency having an Inspector Generals office to investigate fraud, waste, theft, etc. in that agency. But those are "non-violent" crimes against property. Do you really need a shotgun to find out who's stealing the kids milk money?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is The Truth Racist?

Here are some questions you might want to ask the next time you run into Al $harptongue, Je$$ie Jackass, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, the NAACP, or any of the other professional race-pimps;

Taking the long view, just when was that golden age when the rich were far less so and the poor were better off than today? When did the poor in America have more to eat? Did poverty and obesity go hand in hand back then as it does now? When was life expectancy longer for a poor person than it is today? When was infant mortality lower among the poor than it is now? When did the poor have more reproductive freedom? Was there a time and place where unwed mothers and their children were more openly accepted by society than here and now? When and where did poor women have more options to escape drunk and abusive husbands or have a better chance of obtaining legal protection or child support?

When did more poor people have a roof over their heads than today? In what country do those living below the poverty line live in larger houses or apartments than America? Who had indoor plumbing and who had to do their business out back, poor people in America today or nobles attending the court of Louis the XXIV? What would the poor from the 1800s think about the living conditions of the "poor" today? How about the poor from the 1930s? The 1960s?
When did the poor own more cars, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, or cellular phones? When did poor kids wear designer sneakers? Putting aside the lifestyles of the rich and famous as seen on TV, when did a family living at the official poverty line have a better absolute standard of living?

Exactly when was it that racism, sexism, and discrimination were less prevalent than they are today? When were the civil rights laws stronger? Which other land of opportunity was it that elected a member of a historically repressed minority president? When was intermarriage between rich and poor, black and white, native and immigrant higher than it is today? In what year were mixed-race children more socially accepted? When did more children from poor families go to college? When in American history have the children and grandchildren of the poor ever climbed higher up the economic ladder than they have and can today? When have there been more college professors that were born poor? CEOs? Doctors? Mayors? Congressmen? Supreme Court justices?

When in American history did the government take more money from the rich and give it to the poor than it does right now? When did the rich pay a higher percentage of the total income tax burden than they do today? When was it that poor people received more checks from the IRS than the other way around? If you were a poor person in America today to which country would you flee seeking a better life? If you decided to stay, to what date in history would you return believing you would be better off than now? Why do countries run by radical egalitarians put up walls to keep poor people in while the U.S. puts up walls trying to keep poor people out? Why do you think so many poor people break the law to come here? Do you think they are eager to be oppressed by the rich?

During which exemplary periods when income inequality was lower than it is today were the poor better off than they are now? The 1950s? 1960s? 1980s? When in history were a smaller percentage of the rich born into wealth compared to earning it than today? When was it that a person born into a family in the top economic quintile had a lower chance of remaining there his entire life? At what period of time did immigrants arriving on our shores with nothing but the shirts on their backs have a better chance of earning a better life for their children?
In what era did the working poor work shorter hours under safer working conditions than today? When did they have greater legal protections if they ended up in a dispute with their boss or landlord? When and where were their voting rights better protected?

When exactly was it that the poor were victims of violent crime less often than they are now? When did they receive better police protection? When could they walk into any emergency room knowing that they could not legally be turned away? How can poverty be eliminated if it is defined in relative rather than absolute terms?

What is the "real goal" of the War on Poverty and how much do pandering politicians stand to gain by keeping it going forever?

Borrowed from a piece by Bill Freeza...

Let me see IF, I understand how things work...
















All proving that America is THE source of all Evil in our World!



Education in America

Look who's taking over the American education system now.

Friday, June 3, 2011

From Liars Comes The Truth

Most here would not be shocked to learn that the entertainment industry, and this includes the MSM, is completely controlled by the far-left and their communist-controlled labor unions. In fact, the movie business was started by eastern European immigrants, most of whom were communists. In that regard, it hasn't changed much over the years. We often hear stories about how talented people who are not part of that far-left are "black-listed", and kept from working. Of course, none of the Hollywood commies would ever come out and actually admit this, until now that is. It seems a clever young journalist, posing as a leftist, was able to interview some of Commiewood's heavy-hitters and got them to admit how the industry really works.

Back in the mid-to-late 40's, a congressional committee, "The House on UnAmerican Activities" took a close look at communist influence in the government and the movie business. They found that much of the movie industry was loaded with communists and communist sympathizers. They also found them buried deep in the govt. At that time, being a commie in Hollywood was not "the norm" as it is now. As a result, many writers, producers, directors, and even actors were "black-listed", meaning no one would hire them. The group included some legendary actors, people like Edward G Robinson, James Cagney, Robert Taylor, and many, many more. Today, it's just the opposite.

It's very interesting, (and quite revealing) to read what these commiewood big-shots have to say, especially when they think they're talking to "one of their own"...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sides of the Aisle ASIDE...

I get that there is political capitol to be made during any shaky time or crisis. And for either side of the aisle mind you. Even NOW given the economy, the Democrats could make the Republicans look bad. UNLESS, this next story gets into the MSM.

Moody's Warns of Rising Risk on US Credit Rating

Moody's Investors Service said Thursday there is a very small but rising risk of a short-lived default by the United States if there is no increase in the statutory debt limit in coming weeks.

In a statement, Moody's said it would put the AAA U.S. rating on review for a possible downgrade if lawmakers in Washington do not make substantive progress in budget talks by the middle of July. The ratings agency, whose announcement follows a similar warning from Standard & Poor's earlier this year, said if the debt limit is raised and default avoided, the Aaa rating will be maintained. Still, the rating outlook will depend on the outcome of debt talks in Washington, Moody's said.
So, basically, POLITICS aside, if we, excuse me for that mistake, if THEY, DON'T get this debt under control, WE will all suffer for it. So now, let me here from the WH how children will starve and old women will be pushed off cliffs if we don't get into more debt.
Because it sounds like the alternative of MORE debt is ALL of us starving and going over the cliff. And BTW, other than Paul Ryan and the Paul's, Jr & Sr, do you hear anyone beating this drum?


I'm sure, by now, everyone of us has heard about this simpleton, who sent a pic of his pud, to some college co-ed. But this morning I heard the penultimate answer from this situation.
Congressman Weiner isn't sure the picture in question is a picture of HIS penis. Actually, he said he's not sure, if I heard this right, it's a picture HE took of his penis, or maybe he's not sure it's ONE of the pictures of his penis. The level of denial depends on which inbred MSM hack I heard touting this latest stupid statement from this boob. No, he's a Weiner.

NOW, having said that…

IF some 40 something SOB sent MY college age daughter a picture of his pecker, I wouldn’t care WHERE he worked nor who he was. The aforementioned pecker would soon be mounted on a piece of hard wood (no pun intended) over my fire place, along with my butcher knife! The kind of thing guys do who like fishing and have atrophy Bass or Trout up there.

I’d just tell people it was a trophy of an excellent hunt.

Yeah, she is ‘legal’, but she’s still in college and this SOB was slick enough to get elected to Congress, he’s old enough and smart enough and rich enough that he doesn’t need to be talking to my college aged daughter.

I’m sure the MSM will spin this so the daughter did “something” wrong and not the Congressman. It’s the way the world works right now. IMHO, a situation like THIS, will be exactly what sets our country on fire. It will be some half-@ssed event where the plebes will have finally had enough. They’ll storm the (WH & Congressional) castle and many peasants will be killed. But hopefully, the peasants will have their rights back when the smoke clears.

Their battle flag will be red white stripes, with a severed pecker, laying under a dripping butcher knife, on the blue field.