Friday, July 25, 2014


I'm not usually the kind of person who revels in the suffering of others.  Having said that, here's the double edged sword of good news.

Divorce sheds light on Michael Moore's wealth

"'Kathleen and Michael have mutually and amicably reached a divorce settlement'," read a posting this week on Moore's Facebook page, confirming his split from Kathleen Glynn, 56.Moore -- whose films include "Fahrenheit 9/11," "Bowling for Columbine" and "Capitalism: A Love Story" and whose net worth has been estimated at $50 million -- filed for divorce a year ago.

He notably blamed her for a costly expansion of their 10,000 square foot lakeside home in northern Michigan, valued at $2 million, the Detroit News newspaper reported.
Moore has previously acknowledged how rich he's become as the most famous documentary filmmaker of his time, insisting that he makes a point of paying his taxes in full.

No, what he made a point of, was telling people that his MOVIES had taken in millions, that did NOT mean he was rich.  Typical of a Lib who's quite well off, he talks about how the 'rich' get that way off the backs of the poor, and attempts to hide that he's rich.

Well, fat boy, your 'secret' is further OUT than your prodigious gut!


Giz Lapper said...

Truly a cock that sucks itself till it blow its own giz up its own nose.

Schteveo R said...

He's a lying asshole, and I despise his brand of Liberalism. I know people who truly BELIEVE that the World would be a better place, IF you throw enough money and hugs at the problems.

But clowns like Moore, are only 'liberal' at the ballot box and in their speech. When it comes to their personal lives, they hire the SAME tax lawyers and tax accounts that the Conservatives hire!! And, when asked about their wealth, the lie and tell half truths. Finally, when polled, asked or required to tell how much they've given to charity and worthy causes, it's some some pittance.

There are many things I can abide, hypocrisy is NOT among them.

Lard aass hunter said...

Well shit, to be a liberal, you have to be a hypocrite. Just in his case he's a Hippo-crit

Schteveo R said...

No, I don't believe that. I know Libs who really live and support the lib line. They give both time and money to their causes.

But the Lib Leadership is hypocrisy afoot.

Clowns like Moore only believe in the cause that put money in their own pocket. His movies, play up the Lib causes, and put down anyone who opposes, and he makes HIS money that way.

Anonymous said...

Stupid, hypocrite, Asshole, Fuck head... What's the Big FUCKING DIFFERENCE?

Anonymous said...

It's the same differace between a douche Bag and a Douche Head

Anonymous said...

How about a douche head bag?

Da Foisht Ho said...

I gotz me won!

Numma wun HO said...

Whea u tink Eye gotz ma lipz fum U po ass krakkas

64 Oz Douche Bag Coke Drinkkka said...

Ma Baby Daddy Barack call hid douche bag lips Ho.

Yes he do!

BO said...

Turn Muslim Orr die.