Friday, July 18, 2014

Not Much Phucking Phunny to Me Today.

The depth of my disgust for Barack Obama is on par with the bottom of the Mariana Trench.  What a lackluster, weak-willed, boob he is.  At best he's a pusillanimous fool, at the worst he does this shit on purpose.  I'm out of guesses as to which is correct.
President Barack Obama said Friday that the missile that downed a commercial jet was fired from a separatist-held location in Ukraine, and the American ambassador to the United Nations said she could not rule out that Russia had helped.

The president stopped short of saying that pro-Russian separatists had taken out the jet, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, killing 298 people. He and other world leaders called for an immediate cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, where the separatists have fought government forces for months, to let investigators in. 

Obama also confirmed that at least one American citizen was among the dead: Quinn Lucas Schansman, who the State Department said also had Dutch citizenship. 

And my ire for the assholes of the MSM is on par with every other day.  NBC News had the following as the Title Bar for the story.
Complete coverage of the Boeing 777 that crashed near the Ukraine-Russia border with 298 people aboard on July 17, 2014.
Crashed?  Planes don't 'crash' after they've been shot out of the sky.  A crash is when something like weather or mechanical problems or even a GD mid-air collision happens!   These people were shot out of the air by a SAM missile, given to Ukrainian rebels, by Vladimir Putin.

Would they call it a 'crash' if someone shot into a car running 70MPH, on the Freeway, and the driver was killed and his car ran into a bridge?  A bullet, in my example, is just a small 'missile', fired into a smaller, land based vehicle.  It's NOT a crash, it's fucking murder!

But as usual, neither the MSM clowns nor their favorite POTUS of all time, could bring themselves to just SAY that at least ONE American had been killed, he had dual citizenship, he was a Dutch citizen too. 

Well SHIT!!!  Flying near Ukraine, I guess, means he was ripe for killing, right?  The Dutch shouldn't be allowed to fly peaceably around the World.  That dude got what he had coming to him.  He should have just stayed his ass in Holland, tending his windmill and whittling new shoes!

There are days, like today my friends, where I just don't give a shit, whether they storm D.C., hang a couple hundred or a thousand idiots who 'work' there, and the country has to be rebooted.  The very fact that even ONE civilian with a U.S. Passport has been killed by a Russian missile, is 10 too GD many, IMNSHO.

Please don't misunderstand my anger about ONE American vs 297 other lives.  I am not discounting those other lives.  But I'm not FROM Holland, Malaysia, Australia, et al.  It is up to the leaders of those countries to stand up for their people.  I just wished I still lived in a country where that happened, at least once in a while anyway....


Schteveo R said...

I'm going to be my own first Comment on this one. I wonder just WHAT level of school people must get through now, in order to write for the news agencies. The following sentence, would have garnered me a lowered grade as a schoolboy. Most of the Sisters I had as teachers in grade school, would HAMMER us on bad sentence structure(s) such as this.
He and other world leaders called for an immediate cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, where the separatists have fought government forces for months, to let investigators in.
Seriously? I had to read it 3 times to 'see' it the way they meant it. I'm an ex-HS dropout, but I write better stuff in HERE, than I read most days.

That person can't write a decent sentence, but I bet they learned early on, that it's OK for Tommy to have Two Mommies!!!!

I'm ready for the ZA.

alan said...

The problem with journalists today is the need to get something published "now" so that it can be quoted by the public or copied by other news agencies.

The antiquated idea of having an editor who actually proof reads is so 20th century.

as for me...I think I mentioned it in passing in a conversation the day that the plane "crashed" that it probably didn't crash, it was shot down....probably by Russia in order to try and gain a bigger foothold in the Ukraine.