Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aww, How Nice

Thinking about taking the family away on vacation? To Mexico perhaps? Sorry, the US State Dept. has warned Americans to avoid Mexico at all costs. Of course, if your family members are all heavily-armed Navy SEALS, or if you want to get rid of them, Mexico is the place for you, assuming you can afford the trip since you've lost your job, your home, and you will soon need a mask and gun to get some gas for your car.

Apparently, it's also the place for one of Obummer's daughters and a bunch of her school pals. You see, that's where they are taking their spring break. (aww...) And unlike you and your family, she has a small army of Secret Service agents, armored helicopters, gunships, armored limos, and God only knows what else, just to make sure they all have fun. Ain't that nice? I wonder how many of your mortgage payments, tuition payments, or late loan payments could be payed for with the cost of this vacation.

Apparently, there's also a bit of mystery surrounding this trip which is being paid for by all the usual idiots. (a.k.a. taxpayers) It seems the facts of this trip are being scrubbed clean from the entire Internet! Several major news outlets have deleted the story from their websites faster than you can say, " Mr. Editor, there's a call from the WH for you". Hmm...



Spider said...

"Once again, the Obamas are frivolously wasting our money on their endless vacations. This time Malia has been sent to Mexico along with 25 Secret Service agents to defend her from the chaos. Meanwhile, normal Americans who can’t afford this kind of security are advised to be sensible and stay home.

On the scale of the fortunes the Obamas have flushed down their Louis XVI lifestyle, this seems insignificant — but apparently not to the Moonbat Messiah, who has a reelection campaign to worry about. Word has apparently gone out to his lackeys in the media to pull the story:

Here’s Huffington Post’s link to its story about the spring break. Click on it and see where it goes: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/19/malia-obama-mexico-spring-break_n_1364063.html

Yahoo! ran a story about it. But it has since been run off. http://news.yahoo.com/obamas-daughter-spends-springbreak-mexico-145031176.html.

That Yahoo! link is redirecting to a story about something entirely unrelated.

Essence had the story. Emphasis on the past tense. http://www.essence.com/2012/03/19/malia-obama-travels-to-mexico-for-spring-break/

Even the UK Telegraph story is now off the grid. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/barackobama/9152796/Malia-Obama-guarded-by-25-Secret-Service-agents-on-spring-break-in-Mexico.html. That’s the version that Drudge was linking to.

Drudge linked to a different version, at the International Business Times, and now that story is down the 404 hole: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/316249/20120319/malia-obama-mexico-spring-break-travel-warning.htm

If the Regime can snap its fingers and make a story disappear from the Internet, the scary times to come are already arriving..."

From Moonbattery

Senior Senor said...

She'll pay for it by muling back a coupla keys for daddy and selling a little tail on the way.

Anonymous said...


Schteveo said...

I gotta question, since WHEN do THIRTEEN YEAR OLDS go on Spring Break trips like this?

Did she dance topless at the wet t-shirt contest after 17 shots of tequila too!?

Schteveo said...

I fixed that link two postings back. Sorry for the delay under the weather right now. WAY under the weather.

Spider said...

Hey bud, you and Poots need to get up here and do some shots of Southern Comfort with me and BOW. That'll put you back in the pink. BTW, DON"T bring your gun!!

Daytona Poots said...

Might as well leave me knickers home too. I'd feel just as nekkid wid out dem as me CW.45. And I lunched up almost 2 fifths of Comfort at my buddies band gig about 40 years ago that I still gag if I smell the top.

I will make it up there one of these days. Maybe when the nationwide reciprosity bill gets signed and goes into effect. On the other hand the ol' lady and kid go to China for 2 months this summer so we'll see.

And I never got a blow job on the beach in Daytona till I was practically 15.

But, just imagine if she DID get knocked up by some skank fukker and didn't tell anybody till she started showing, like 5 months later.About September before the election.

Schteveo said...

I'm with /brother Poots I'm treating it like an American Express Card!

If you and Bill meet us in AZ, we can go to the desert and shoot, shoot, shoot!