Wednesday, January 29, 2014

law suit after the fact?

Ok, here it goes.
A 16 year old gets a massive adrenaline push, which goes bad.  Amazingly enough, the kid survives.

THEN the father says that he questions the rational of the company for allowing a 16 year old to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  Oh, and he jumped too.

As a pilot, I can't think of a good reason to exit a perfectly good airplane in flight....other then an incredible adrenaline rush.  Of course I can't think of a good reason to sit in the back of an airplane at all (except airlines get excited when they find a non-employee in the cockpit)

The bottom line is that this seems to be a "family building" activity which the father took his daughter on.  When it goes bad he starts questioning the company that allowed it?   How about questioning himself.  HE was the one who took her.  HE was the one who paid for it.  HE participated with her.  HE was the one that gave approval since she was under 18. 

At which point does HE take responsibility for placing his daughter in a high risk environment? 

This reminds me of the guy who kept telling his wife to get closer to the bear at Yellowstone, then got upset when she got eaten. 

On the up side, in about 3 hours the sun will come up.  My little brother, the First Sergeant, is coming out to Bike Lake, and for the first time ever in a 20 year career, we will finally get to fly together.  This is going to be awesome.  That my dear Poots, is the best reason for flying a can fly it single pilot.


5,000 falls Poots said...

Scooter? Bike Lake? Is this a long lost member of the Choom Boys?

I have always dreamt about being the last person on earth and using an almost never ending supply of commercial aircraft for my skydiving. One jump...... trash a 777, next jump, go up in an A380 and get out just before it belly flops into DC. Next, run out the back of a C17 at night that's loaded with 200,000 lbs of fireworks on a short fuse (on acid). See, just need a little imagination to have a good time, like when we used to do our Naked City jump every fourth of July at Skydive Hinckley.

Supposedly the dude was just a passenger in the jump plane. Not a skydiver. She didn't break away and use her reserve when she got the line over malfunction.

Ask me how I know it was a line over....

Billy the Poet said...

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Snorpht, the Fag Bag Capper Poots said...

Billy,. here you go....

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Back to MSNBC for you tingly leg bag of fag.

Billy the Poet said...

I'm not into stealin your jizz squeezins. Keeps em yerself.

B t P said...

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Anonymous said...

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Schteveo said...

It's 'merica in the 21st Century boys. didja fergit?

No one, repeat, NO ONE is ever to be held responsible for their own actions or inactions, so long as there is an outside party who CAN be sued.

Gargling With Munky Giz said...

Fucking Rump Rangers.

Probably dream about going down on Hillary and Michelle st the same time.

Billy the Poet said...

Hey fingerputz!

There's on horror movie to make you go blind. Them XXY Kleinfelters doing the nasty to each other....And you and JJGR