Thursday, January 30, 2014

Now I lay me down to rest

Very interesting article to me, and one to which I am very grateful that someone is considering it.  I haven't given much thought to the closest veteran's cemetary.  So out of curiosity I found this VA website.

this lets you find veterans cemetery near you.  I never knew how few there are in the west.  This doesn't show the cemeteries run by the individual states. 

what do you guys think?  Is this worth spending tax dollars on?  It's almost rhetorical, I think I know what everyone would say, but I am curious about your comments.

The biggest advantage I see to veteran cemeteries is that the veteran's spouse can be buried in the same plot.  Now that our pensions are going to be cut, this might be the only way I can afford to die.


Lift a Leg Poots said...

Let's open a cemetery for liberals. Then when it's full, rent it out as a dog park.

Chauncy Gardener said...

Yes but if you want them to grow you must plant them upside down and fertilize it with Munky Kummmmmmm.

Schteveo said...

Well, [I've been busy as hell, just found this...] given that ALL the city, county, state and federal gub'ments will bury the pond scum, drunk, druggy, hooking, gang banging ass hats of society get buried for FREE...I suggest the elected ass hats in Congress find some $$$ for more cemeteries.

I'm not a guy with his hand out for sh1t from the gub'ment, but the Veterans earned this sh1t!!!

Cowpill said...

I am going to be bar-b-que'd and shot out of a cannon.