Monday, June 16, 2014


From the Rose Garden, President Barack Obama outlined a timetable for the gradual withdrawal of the last U.S. troops in Afghanistan and said confidently, “This is how wars end in the 21st century.”

But less than three weeks after his May 27 announcement, there is a sudden burst of uncertainty surrounding the way Obama has moved to bring the two conflicts he inherited to a close.

 First and foremost, modern American Presidents need to learn that a 'war' is NOT over, when they draw a line on a calendar, and say, "...I want all the troops out by this date, and  this is how wars end in the 21st century!!!"

What a waist fresh air is a statement like THAT!?

A war is 'over', Mr. Obama, when your enemy is so demoralized by you killing him and his people that he and they NEVER want to take you on again!!!  Since August of 1945, we have totally, utterly and absolutely forgotten that simple fact.

And that we have allowed each successive generation of young men, and now young women, to be sent out to fight in our country's name, by men who do NOT fight to beat our enemies to that ultimate finish is a failure of them to fulfill their oath of office IMNSHO.

When we elect men who do NOT fight wars to a WWII style win, who do not run that enemy  down and ruin their view of WHAT or WHO they are fighting for, then they are not fulfilling their oath of office.  It is their failing that we are then living under even more dangerous situations with that enemy and others made bold BY that President's failure.

However, when we RE-elect them, it is OUR fault that those enemies, both new and old, kill our sons and daughters.

I am NOT a proponent of nuking our current enemies, the World's Islamofascists.  Mainly because they do NOT have a 'city' that is their 'capital'.  Nor do they have a needed shipping port, or other strategic spot to hit that will hurt their 'nation'.  Their only nation is Hate.

So, our ONLY hope is to put every man possible IN the field in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill as many people who we can, on a field of battle, who stand up and fight.  The 'surge' worked before, it will work again.  And, if the people at the center of our fields of battle, Iran, want to get involved, they DO have a capital and strategic places we can bomb to solve many of our problems in that part of the world.

Iran IS the cause, and the main backer, of the majority of the World's Islamofascist trouble.

Re-electing Mr. Obama has certainly ensured us of more NEW enemies and emboldened old ones.  And that he and his advisers think that getting into ANY kind of 'agreements' with the Iranian government is a good idea, shows just how slow witted they are and how little they understand what the word 'enemy' means.

But telling the American Citizens that 'X' war is over on 'Y' day 'because I say so', is perhaps the dumbest thing ever said by the country's smartest President.


Don't Care HOW They Die, long as dey dead said...


You must understand, I consider this the optimal situation... Muslim killing Muslim. Kind of like why I want to drop ship a couple tons of various caliber ammo to the S Side of Chicago. What we do next is put up a bunch of drones with HD cameras and open a line in Vegas. Ya know, "$5 says the Towel Head on the left never makes it across the street".
Or maybe a Fox Reality Show. "IED GARAGE" or Can you deliver your baby while being shot at?

Real Entertainment, and all we gotta do is sit back and watch instead of costing us blood and money.

Spice it up and get Dennis Rodman to host.

Haidin Easht Poot said...

In 16 hours I'm going to be A LOT closer to awl U Dewds. Mo dan haff wy der peepolpz.

Be afrade B berry afrade

Heading East Poots said...

As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

alan said...

Say hi to Jennifer for me.....

WKRP POOTS said...

Only Hi?

What, sir, do you take me for?

Sitting in a bar, (mostly black) watching world cup and having a riot. Forgot how much fun I have wit der Moogie Mofos.

My People!

alan said...

Well....she always seemed to be holding out for the Big Guy so I didn't want to imply...But maybe Herb or Johnny can help out.

CincinPooti said...


Nickname in Med school was 'HungWell'.

(Dis bitch nurse tattled to her friends)

Snorphty Houston said...

An dey came flocking

ShnorphtaZona Poot said...

Poots back in hid Nesht now.

Cha'll be shaaff out der knaw.

O, and EAT ME!

Happy Poots Hour said...

Man if Alan didn't butt in, I'd OWN dis Muddafukkin Blog.

Sheeeeeeeeee it. I bad. I Be Bassaaaad Asssssssss.





Gnawing Own a Bud Poots said...

Uhhhhhh, dat be eat ma droppings....


Poot B HAPPY said...

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I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don't care, baby, by the way

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chronos the wonder pig said...

keep your day job

Happy Pootz said...

Chrome Hose... wutcha tink Powa Bawl be fer?

Keep my day chob. Righttttttttttttttttttt.....

E. A. T. ------ M. E. !!!!!

Porcine PoppperPoot said...

SumBubby Tell dat TimePeeeeg wut deez woidz beeez awl aboutz

Now looky, the wench just came home wit TOOOOOOOOO many bagz dat shay Blummyz own dem and I gotz see how I goin parlay dat whack 2 my CC into BJ or a 1 (or 2) Kof .45.

alan said...

Brother Poots,
yeah that was me flyin' over yer house last night about 22:30. Hope I didn't wake the young 'un. Now it is an hour later and I wonder if anymore of the local residents of Leup or Tuba some other village are going to hurt themselves tonight.

20 more minutes till I can close out my log book and start EMS....earn money sleeping.

i love my job.

Extreme NE Mesa Poots said...

You was all the way in the valley?

I live about 4 miles NW of Falcon Field. Right on the edge of the Tonto Natl. Forest, about a mile E of Salt River. Just NE of Red Mountain.

Next time you swing by let me know and I'll put some new batteries in my laser.