Monday, July 14, 2014

If guns and fences DON'T work...

...then why is there a fence around the White House, why are there armed guards at nuclear power plants and WHY is there a TSA?!

Here's an article that says piracy off the Horn of Africa is WAY down this year.  Guess why?
... the most successful tactic contributing to the drop in successful attacks has been sending commercial ships out to sea past Somalia with armed private security on board.

Here at home guns and fences and security and jails are NOT the answer to illegal aliens, gangs, drug runners or lying MFers in elected posts at the city, county, state or federal level.  Personally, I'm sick to fucking death of the attitude in the World that says defending YOURSELF [or you home, town or COUNTRY] is wrong and mean with respect to the illegals, and terrorists.

Personally, the zombie apocalypse can't start TOO soon.  I'm ready and anyone who isn't, is fooling themselves.  I just hope 'stupid' tastes good, so the zombies will attack and eat the stupid people first.


Schteveo R said...

I just wanted to say I've made repeated attempts to contact Spider. All have gone unanswered.

My only conclusion is that he's either quite ill and unable to answer. Or that he's passed away, and obviously can't answer. Personally, I miss the old fart. And as MUCH as I hate going to NYC now, I'm pissed off at myself for NOT going when he offered me a bed to come up and visit.

I truly believe that it's MY loss.

Poots said...

Was he known to be in bad health?

Schteveo R said...

He had high blood pressure and had at least one heart attack. And my feeling, based on when he was a young beat cop, in the early to mid 1960's, he was in his early 70's.

I keep thinking he'll show up and say he's been to FL fishing. But 6 months is a helluva fishing trip.

Oh well.

Grizzly Snorpht said...

Obama takes 6 month vacations every 5 months.

I'm going camping up in bear country up north next Fri - Sun with 5 - 10 YO girls and a bunch of transplants from Philly. Taking my Mossburg as primary bear gun, goin to check the zero on it tomorrow (it is Tac-erized w/a M4 stock, rail and Aimpoint w/a 10 MOA circle / dot.. Gots a bunch of 000 Buck 3" Magnums in it. Also will be carrying my G21 with +Ps and will have my AR (and Emilys' Pink Walther) along just for plinking. The ol'lady gets bear spray... that I may or may not have changed out for a Worcester Sauce / Honey blend.
Going up to Knoll Lake in AZ up on the edge of the Mogollon Rim NE of Payson if anyone is interested to Google Map it.

Schteveo R said...

You're a cold SOB man.

If mom gets run over, the bear will eat the kids. Kids don't deserve that!!!

Bear Poot said...

Well maybe not ALL kids do.

In any case my kid will be armed. Maybe her 22 wont stop a bear, but when she puts one in the ol ladys ass while on the run, it wont matter that it's only a 22.

alan said...

That will be about a 23 minute flight from where I am sitting Senor Poots. have fun and be safe....not necessarily mutually exclusive. I'll be working nights while you are up there playing.

alan said...

I hope the ole Spider is doing OK. but you never know. Haven't seen Bill O'writes for a while either. STill have his business calendar on my fridge (magnet) Maybe we are all just getting old.

12GA Snorpht said...

Just sighted in my Mossberg. Gonna be some poor bears ofr THEY come messing.

chronos the wonder pig said...

Chronos now be on da medicare....

Schteveo R said...

Bill's ding fine. He may be too busy to mess around in here right now. Just my supposition on the last.

I hope it's by choice, or relentless age.

chronos the wonder pig said...