Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Funny - Can YOU figure the Formula for Miles Per Hour?

Here's a couple, who I think are recently married [there's writing on the rear, drivers side window], discussing HOW far you can drive in an hour.

I think he should have asked more questions BEFORE saying "I do".  Given her answer, her powers of observation and her math skills, unless he's as smart as Einstein, their kids are doomed.
I wouldn't watch this too many times.  I think I've lost 4 IQ Points from watching it just once!
She's QUITE Blonde and does math almost as well as Barbie..


Cowpill said...

I have a job for you planting twolips!

Shit Munky said...

on my Munky Butt

Spider said...

I have a solution for this driver. Pull over, get a quick blow job, then throw her out of the car and go and find yourself a brunette.

Schteveo said...

Not that I think all women are dumb [my wife is WAY, head over heals smarter than I am..] but this lady is no credit to her section of the species!

He only tries to get her to listen to him 4 or 5 times. But she keeps right on going.

[I do the same thing with simple algebra...I just keep going until I get 1 or 0!] [...but I can do Boolean Algebra ALLLlll day long..go figure]

srk said...

I think she thought he said "miles per whore"