Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Are The World's Biggest Joke

 I've commented in the past about how, after we spend decades and hundreds-of-Billions to develop some super-secret weapons system, the ChiComs seem to put out an exact copy a year later, and for pennies on the dollar. Do they have some gigantic crystal ball in Beijing which shows them everything we're doing? Or, (and here's my pick) have we become so weak, lax, and basically stupid, that some 15 year old kid on the other side of the world can sit with a $50. Radio Shack laptop and simply walk through our most secret and "sophisticated" programs, at will. 

Just imagine what could happen if they truly wanted to do some real damage...



Schteveo said...

I honestly LEFT this one for El Erachno. I wanted to see just how crazy this one would make him.

I agree that we couldn't keep a 4 year old out of the cookie jar on the Sec Defs desk, but I bet it takes more than a 15 y/o and $50 laptop to do this stuff. The problem is, the Chinese have a division or maybe TWO who do nothing but hack their enemies systems. But the sad truth is that we should be able to build an encrypted firewall that it would take a Cray Computer 10,000 years to crack.

But evidently the DoD buys it's encryption stuff from Radio hack. The simps!

ass jacker said...

We should stick our defence computers with old episodes of Jackass. That'll give them a few ideas.

Anonymous said...
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Spider said...

Steve said:
"But evidently the DoD buys it's encryption stuff from Radio hack"

True, but it's made in China!

You're right bud, it does make me crazy. With all the computer geniuses we have here, why aren't we be better protected? Better yet, why are we not doing it to them?

Schteveo said...

Part of the problem is the human factor Spider.

The security people can write firewalls that are unbreakable. But it only takes one jackass to leave their laptop opened and plugged into the interweb for a hacker to get in. In truth it's the equivalent of a bank teller leaving the front door of the bank open and the vault door just pushed closed, but not locked.