Friday, May 31, 2013

Muslims getting run over by The Great Karmic Wheel

I don't know of a single country in the world who hasn't had trouble from Muslim Radicals.  the Radicals are on a worldwide push for a global caliphate.  So, given the fact that I have the typical streak of human vindictiveness, this story made me smile.  I believe the term in German is 'schadenfreude'.
More than 1,000 Muslims who fled Myanmar’s latest bout of sectarian violence huddled on Thursday in a Buddhist monastery guarded by army soldiers as calm returned to this northeastern city.
The army transported terrified Muslim families by the truckload out of a neighbourhood in Lashio targeted a day earlier by Buddhist rioters.

“We heard things could get worse, so we waved down soldiers and asked them for help,” said 59-year-old Khin Than, who arrived at the monastery on Thursday morning with her four children and sacks of luggage along with several hundred other Muslims.

The violence in Lashio this week highlights how anti-Muslim unrest has slowly spread across Myanmar since starting last year in western Rakhine State and hitting the central city of Meikhtila in March.

In Lashio on Thursday, Buddhist monks organised meals for the newly arrived refugees.

The rioting began Tuesday after a Muslim man splashed gasoline on a Buddhist woman and set her on fire. Buddhist mobs responded by burning down several Muslim-owned shops, a mosque and an Islamic orphanage. Roving motorcyclists continued the violence on Wednesday, leaving one person dead and four injured. 
I'm guessing the Buddhists are willing to add another life to their karmic journey, to put the Muslims in their place.  I may become a Buddhist!


Spider said...

Well, they're a whole lot smarter than we or the Brits are. They're obviously not waiting to first lose their country before acting. I'm sure those Mooselambs will eventually end up here.

Bud O' Writes said...

Buddhists, the real religion of peace, has had more than enough of the pseudo religion of peace

Cowpill said...

I say we start do it here!

Muslim Capper said...

Fuck wasting time on the religious shit. Just shoot.

Schteveo said...

which religion will you END with?

stinkinrottenkid said...

I don't know about him, but Titzenbeer will do my in for sure

Pooter Duper said...

What do you mean End With'?

There is no 'end'. Just time outs when you have to re load.
After all the Muslims agree dead you just spin Aunties Wheel of Death
and clean yer gun, reload take a deep breath and get down to business.

.....'.............. and hope the wheel landed on Catholics

Let Them Eat Pork said...

and if you're afraid of guns we could always build a couple million guillotins. We could have hungry pigs eating their Muslim Asses as we behead them.... on camera.

That's what I call REALITY TV.

Schteveo said...

...guaranteed bud, I WILL shoot back.

Pigs Eating Pigs said...

I'd really like watching starving pigs munch Muslim ass for an hour before the blade drops.