Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm often amazed at the cascade effect...

For me, one of the coolest things that happens or from which I learn things, is while I'm surfing or doing some kind of look-up or research, and one thing leads to another, and another and another.  I've heard it called the cascade effect. I love it when, each of the jumps uncover some new or interesting topic, but what I really like, is when I find some nugget of truth so profound I go "WOW!".   I like it too, when my stumbling research solidifies something I'd suspected, but couldn't prove.  It would be selfish to keep it to myself, so here's one from today.

Here's the set-up, and before I go on, I don't care a gnats fart about anyone's sexuality.  Gay sex doesn't appeal to me...but I know heterosexuals I don't like taking a shower near...meaning if they're in the same county as my bathroom.  But I digress. 

This morning, I was watching a show I recorded on BBCAM last night, about science fiction, in particular, this episode was about robots.  One of the 'experts' was a scifi writer named [and I shit you NOT] Charlie Jane Anders.  It seems Ms. Anders...Mr.Anders...this Anders person is a writer of scifi herself...himself...yeah, I had to look it up too.

So, ultimately, I can't tell IF this person is a dude or  babe, there is no single marker for male or female...I'm old and I go to look up the person herself...himself...themselves...I TOLD you I had to look it the hell up! 

It seems that Charlie Jane Anders, was born male, but is self described as genderqueer and a trans woman, and you'll just HAVE to look 'em up, I did and I've said so repeatedly!

But that aside, Wikipedia bounced up near the top.  But guess what little bon mot popped up down below?  An article, where Ms. Anders was at odds with a Bisexual Women's group called Chasing Amy Social Club of San Francisco.  But here's what I thought was odd about all of them, being, well, at odds.

Ms Anders thought that it was unfair, wrong, not nice that the bi-ladies at Chasing Amy Social Club, didn't 'allow' transgender women to join their club.

WHAT!!!??  HUH??!!  WTF!!!??  HOW, oh HOW, could it BE!!?

Did I even read that shit right?  Hey, haven't we ALL been repeatedly castigated, belittled and shouted down for such things?  It's shouted from the roofs of the all inclusive gay bath houses with regularity, that California in general and San Francisco in particular are all inclusive areas of love, peace and tolerance.  I'm mean seriously, how dare we tell a female gay couple we don't want to make a cake for their gay wedding in our bakery run by narrow minded religious zealots!!!

Anyway, there is an article in the Bay Area Reporter  telling about the fracase.

But, in fairness to Ms. Anders and the bi-ladies of Chasing Amy Social Club, it is from way back in the dark ages of April of 2014...wait, wait, that's NOW!!!!  But I wait...I was TOLD that there is love and harmony among all these non-hetero groups.  Actually though, I'm just a tad more than hip to that lie, and I have been for years.

I've worked around enough gay men, gay women and bi-sexuals from both sides of the restroom to know that the supposed unity is just that, supposed.  There is no group of humans would rather be in a mixed group, than in a group of like minded, similar thinking people.  It's part of our human, survival matrix to want to stand back to back with someone who thinks like you do!!  We trust that group over any other.  And so WHAT!?  Let them have their group.  Imagine a world where anyone who DIDN'T like the rules your group has, going off and starting their own group!!!  I think the Hindus call it Nirvana!  But that's JUST the Hindus, IF, you start your own group, you call it what ever you want!   

But you know what I like the best about this story.  If I ran the internet, from my own twisted and fever fingered lap top, I couldn't make up this kind of crap.  I'm not twisted enough to give it the time it needs to look just this ridiculous.

After all, with all the crazy cool lies I could make up if I ran the interwebs, why would I try to make up a story about a topic on which I have no divisive feelings, about people who's stock in trade, is to tell us how cool, loving, inclusive and thoughtful they are, while talking trash AT those of us in a category THEY call 'breeders', while, all  while, they exclude each other from their own self-important, look at me, look at me, look at MY organization groups, while daring us to do so, and suing us if we have the unmitigated gall to do so.

You can't make this shit up!  You just can't.


Butters said...

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Anonymous said...

BTW I use Finish, Cascade Sux

Cap A Fag Wednesday said...

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A D Clay said...

As I always say.

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Oh look, a bird said...

Cascade? I think you're describing ADHD

Roasted Poo Balls by the Fireplace said...


Eric Cartman said...

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Schteveo R said...

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