Tuesday, April 29, 2014

THIS is why we should have built new space shuttles

I'm a Baby Boomer.  I was fascinated when Alan Shepard became the first American in space.  And I stayed fascinated until December of 1972 when the Apollo 17 crew came home.  The Space Shuttle didn't grab me the same way.  However, I sat sadly, as the last shuttle landed in 2011.  I wondered that day, how long it would be before the decision to kill the shuttle program and not replace it with some platform, would come home to roost.

The answer is 2 years, 9 months and 8 days.

Russia warned Tuesday that American astronauts on the International Space Station could be hurt by new US-led sanctions over the escalating crisis in Ukraine, where pro-Moscow militants seized more public buildings in the east.

Washington was resorting to "Iron Curtain" policies from its Cold War-era playbook with the new Western sanctions, which were driving the Ukraine crisis towards "a dead end", Moscow raged.

Washington was resorting to "Iron Curtain" policies from its Cold War-era playbook with the new Western sanctions, which were driving the Ukraine crisis towards "a dead end", Moscow raged.

The International Space Station is operated jointly by Russia, the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada. Astronauts and cosmonauts depend on Russian Soyuz rockets to ferry them between it and Earth, ever since NASA scrapped its space shuttles in 2011.

There is a lot more to the article, but nothing about HOW the astronauts could be harmed.  But the most obvious answer is that they could be denied a return trip to the ground.  Let me say finally, I do not think the gov't is the answer here.  People like Elon Musk or even Richard Branson are.

D.D Harriman!!  Where are you!!!

BTW, I found this article via Yahoo News.  As of 14:00 DST today, not one major media outlet is carrying this story.  And the only American TV station carrying it is WDRB, outta my hometown of Louisville, KY.  That seems sad to me.



Snorpht Von BudPoots said...

The only person on earth that couldn't see that coming months ago would have to be the most Budweiser soaked, Brain eaten by years of Acid shtupid nuff to jump outta aeroplaines an head hittin the pavement at a hunnert plus offinz da konkrete frum a mocycle, an dropped on hiz haid at birth by his mommy Schotch visky gouzzling loser moron de woildt ebber, ebber, saw....

... Oh wait a minute, I DID see that coming months ago.......

nebber mind

I Theenks Sew said...


Schteveo R said...

Here's how this situation strikes me.

It's 1525.

Spain is the BIG dog of World discovery and ocean going wooden vessels.

They've settled their differences with England and France, so they get out their axes and saws and chop all their ships into kindling for the masses!!! Because they don't 'need' ships of their own.

Idiot politicians should be melted down and sold for pig food.

Ring master Ned said...

It's like, so you have one kid, so you cut your dick off. Except that Obama is so effeminate, he never had a dick. That's where the first baboon comes in.

The 3 Little Pootses said...

And Shtever, for you, a poser. How DO you make Pig FOOD out of Pig SHIT?

And the higher up you go, the more it shmellz.

Schteveo R said...

Ned, buddy? Seriously, you're going to lay this at Obama's feet!?

The decision to NOT build more shuttles goes back to the very start of the program. And given the timeline from inception to death, it cuts across BOTH parties holding the WH and Congress at various times.

From Space.com,
Over the course of the shuttle program's 30-year career, NASA and its various partners explored a number of different vehicle options to succeed the space shuttles, but none were brought to fruition, said Roger Launius, space history curator at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, in Washington.

"The landscape is littered with failed shuttle follow-on programs," Launius told SPACE.com.

One by one, each program ended after development plans bumped up against funding and politics – an experience familiar throughout NASA's history.

"There's a whole series of factors – some of them were political, but a lot of the problems were technical," Launius said. "Could they have been solved if they had more money? Probably. So, was it a technical problem or a political problem? I could argue both sides."
Every ass hat who went to D.C. is to blame. And given that the Boy King has only been inside the Beltway for 8 or 9 years, he gets a pass. By the time he got there, the Shuttle's fate was well sealed

But the craziest part is the idea that they couldn't just build new shuttles, with the proven, old exterior design and all new up to date electronics avionics inside.

If they can build all NEW DC-3's, based on the original design, with current electronics and avionics, they could have done it with the Shuttle too Ned.

Eat Dis Space Munkys said...

Shuttle was best and cool but never fulfilled its goals of cheap and safe transport. Boeing's Space Launch System and Orion Crew Module is actually what your talking
about. A highly developed re-hash of the original space capsules. And as much as I don't like the concept, you don't have to train anyone to fly it. Just sit down, shut up and hold on.

Maybe Musk Melon Boy Will come up with the next, next generation of reusables. But with a name like ElonMushk .... I don't think so.

What we need to do is get rid of N Word Boy and all the other "Tax the Fuck Outta Whitey so all the coons can sit on their ass and spit out lil Munkys".

N Word Munky said...

Ahhhhh QUE?

Ralph Kramden said...

Don't need no shuttle.


N Boy said...

We should build a shuttle ark and put all the N Words on it. Dat ways dey could awl shuff shuff shuffle off to dee shut, shut shuttle.

Cowpill said...

I bet if they put "Jewish Shuttle to Atlantic city" they would stillhave space shuttles.

Cow Chew said...

Rather Shuff, Shuff Shuffle off to Buff, Buff, Buffalo.


Senor Cow Poo..... I Theeenks said...


N-Woid Sayer said...

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Obvious next line is "Gotta match?

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Can't really tell where one ends and the other begins.

Schteveo R said...

Cowpill, seriously?

Out of 339 NASA astronauts, only ELEVEN were / are Jewish. I don't see that as enough people to qualify a monthly shuttle, much less a fleet.

Besides that, imagine trying to get a little old Jewish lady to mess up her hair, putting on a helmet!?


Ishmail GoldBllatt said...

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Bill O'Writes said...

I like the Russian dipshit, uh, diplomat who said we should use trampolines to get our astronauts to th ISS. Why on Earth (pun intended) did we pay for and give away our ISS? Even the Moon now belongs to the French, since all the flags are theirs (white due to the cosmic rays)