Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Handwringers for Peace, Love and Free Shit!!!

I'm not sure what 'comedian' signed me up for these e-mails, but I'm getting stuff from some hand-wringer outfit called  The folks at the 'org' helped get out the petition for backing so Trayvon Martin's parents could sue Zimmerman.  And they got out the petition for people to demand that Bank of America NOT charge $5 per month to people who had B of A accounts, without any deposits going into that account.  They helped students and incoming students complain against and demand that tuition not be raised in AZ's state's university system.

Most of what they do, IMO, is just the force of youthful ignorance at work.  This story proves it to me.  So, haha and bite me for whomever did it, good joke.

And speaking of jokes, these people ARE. 

This morning, the 'nice' people at sent me an ONLINE Petition, that was to be sent to Muslim Militants, Boko Haram, in an attempt to get hundreds of kidnapped girls released from the militants.  Militants by the way, who are selling the girls into forced marriages, for funds they need to keep their militant army going.

Now, I'm an an admitted old, hippie.  And as a believer in the Constitution, I don't just think the 1st Amendment GIVES us a Right to Free speech.  I think it's my responsibility to speak up, speak out, and speak my mind.  Sending petitions to businesses, government officials, or any person or group if we feel they are somehow out of line, is what we are SUPPOSED to do, IMNSHO.

However, and having said that, are the people at serious about 'petitioning' a militant Islamist ARMY, on another Continent?  An army that is busy enslaving teen and near teen girls, and selling them so they can buy more BULLETS?!!?  Does that even sound like a group who could be swayed by a petition?   What are the odds that they can read?

If the petition gets sent, and delivered, the leader of Boko Haram will use it for toilet paper.  If you've not seen the grinning maniac behind this 'army', HERE'S a video report.

We live in a twisted world, in case you hadn't noticed.  I can't imagine being the parent of one of these girls..  But one thing has been glaringly absent from ALL the reports of this, that I've seen.  No one, not one person, in Nigeria, on any U.S. national news, the BBC news, nor any of my local news, has been able to bring themselves to utter the dictionary definition of what it is, when you capture someone and sell them to a third party, for profit.  It's doubly troubling to me that this practice is very common in Africa, the Middle east and parts of Asia and South America.

And through all this, I haven't heard sh1t from the likes of Al Sharptongue, Jessie Jackass or any other race baiter.  I guess there's no way to make a dime off of helping African-Africans.
That word by the way, according to Messrs Funk & Wagnall, and Mr. Webster et al, is Slavery.  .


Boko Obama said...

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..... and Obama was born in Hawaii.

E. Cartman said...

Peace? Love? Sounds like a bunch of Hippies. Hey, you guys can like Lick My Balls.

Yea Lick My Balls.

Kyle said...

Cartman, you're a DOUCHE

Cowpill said...

The girls are already defiled and sold. Nuke em all!

Da Foisht N Woid said...

You sure they all been FUCKED up the ASS?

Don't want go vaporizing'm unless they all been FUCKED up the ASS. Specially the young ones. I hear that's how they get to Allah, by getting FUCKED up the ASS in the name of the prophet Muhammad.


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Schteveo R said...

I caught the tail end of a BBC World News story this morning. And the last two words, of the last line in the story,

Sexual Slavery.

I was a little bit surprised to hear it finally. Then again, the reporter was an African man, who is a native Nigerian. So he doesn't have to answer to the normal liberal idiots, who think the LAST slavery was American, Southern slavery.

Muslim Killa said...

Put it in perspective. They're Muslim. Some of them (Maybe more than a few) would have ended up killing americans.