Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Pentagon is run by MORONS!!

As a veteran, I was always of the opinion that the guys in the 'home office' just didn't remember what it was like working in the fleet.  I even found a whole different mind set between San Diego and Norfolk, which we called 'proximity pain'.

Meaning, the closer you are to the Pentagon / CNO, the bigger a pain in the ass they were on a daily basis.

As I got older and the world changed to the all volunteer force, I felt like we were getting better people into our military.  If for no other reason that anyone in the military, WANTED to be there.  I thought things were being made even better a few years back, when they raised the required entrance scores a few points.  You'd think someone my age would know better than to ass-u-me things.

Not only did the changes not seemingly help, they tied the hands of the recruiters, sometimes over a point on ASVAB Scoring.  It was so bad in 2000 to 2005, that they instituted the Stop Loss Program.  So at the same time Stop Loss was in place, they left the scoring points where they were, and cut out, literally tens of thousands of willing, smart probable recruits.

Eventually, the numbers grew, the DoD met recruitment numbers across all the services, and Stop Loss wasn't needed.  The story, to me anyway, is about piss poor management and proves that number crunchers in UNIFORMS, are just as thick headed as those in SUITS.

So, coming forward, I find this story on Drudge this morning.

The Pentagon is weighing allowing some immigrants brought illegally to the country as youths to serve in the military, a unilateral step by the Obama administration as immigration legislation remains stalled in the Republican-led House.

The announcement came Tuesday as House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, defended his election-year decision to rebuff a narrow immigration measure pushed by a GOP congressman to achieve a similar goal.

The Pentagon consideration would apply to immigrants who arrived illegally as kids but already have received work permits and relief from deportation under a program President Barack Obama announced two years ago, called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. More than 500,000 immigrants have benefited from the program.
First let me say, this is more social engineering on par with Obumble's Muslim's to the Moon program.  It doesn't come from the DoD / Pentagon / Joint Chiefs.  It comes from the hand-wringers in the West Wing.  But beyond that, it's a really bad idea, IMO, because in its simplest form, it is NOT needed!  We've kicked around the idea that the Libs would use the military to subdue the citizenry.  

While I don't think they can EVER swell the ranks with enough illegals to do the job, I'm still against it.  

Listen, I'm not xenophobic, hell, I'm ONLY second generation from immigrants myself, both of my mothers parents came from Italy / Sicily in the early 1900's.  I'm not racist, I hate idiots of all race, creed or colors equally.  But anytime we overlook CURRENT citizens, to give favor to ANYONE else, so that the non-citizen gets a hand up, after they've going around the system, should NEVER be allowed.


Foisht DC N Woid Dude said...

As a vegetarian, I have to say that the reason this it's happening is because IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT. Michelle said anyone that won't eat their broccoli I'd just trying to kill American's. So as your president I will boldly lead from behind and go play golf.

N Woid Own De Potomac said...

Well, as a veterinarian, I have to say, IT'S ALL BUSH'S DOGS FAULT. If it would not have gone DoDo on the DoD, this would not have happened. Do as your first Marxist Muslim, I'm going to give Boko Harem a few billion dollars and go play golf

Cowpill said...

The Dod has been infiltrated by the progressives. the country is lost. Prepare for chaos.

Schteveo R said...

But 'Woid',
don't you rely on these clowns to keep up with the bad habits your parents taught you?

i.e., eating regularly and living indoors?

Effeminate N Woid said...

Well, as a vaginarian it certainly beats sitting in a mud hut in Kenya eating your relatives, so I'm going to quit beating off on my Monica Lewinsky - Bill Clinton alter in the Oval Orifice and boldly lead from behind by going and playing golf.

Da Ubangis Swingin Haid said...

As a Valpulatory, and the Head Ubangi around here and of those morons in the polygon, I feel it is in the best intrests of every anti American and hostile country for me to lead with my head up my behind, and go play golf

chronos the wonder pig said...

hey if an illegal alien can be president, why can't they join the army & learn how to kill?

SFP said...

Most already know how. I propose


It Softy Taint said...

MORMONS? I don't think so, Sen a bunch of those soldiers drinking and a carrying on wits Da wimmins I did.

GLockMunkyPOOT said...

Fuk man gotta be at the range by 7am 2morra. gonna shoot with Rob Leatham


As he always says "Shootns easy, all ya gotta do is just Shoot fast and don't miss".

S.F.-D.M. Poots said...

All Gunned up and Outta Hea for the shoot.

Mssr Glock'nShpiel said...

Back from Rio Salado. Shot not tooo bad, Wifes schedule changed and I have Tuesday after work free. Back to Tuesday Nite Steel at Rio (google it)for me. Good thing ammo is getting easier to find.

They have a 22 steel shoot for kids once a month there. Going to get the kid going right after summer. Need to procedure train her a bit.