Friday, July 19, 2013

Bash Mobs in SoCal...

Officials in Long Beach are warning residents about a planned ‘Bash Mob’ potentially planned for Friday afternoon.
In a ‘Bash Mob,’ an unruly but organized crowd — sometimes as many as 100 people — race through the streets committing thefts, petty crimes, assaults and property damage.
A ‘Bash Mob’ most recently occurred in the Long Beach area on July 9 in the Pike and City Place areas downtown, according to Long Beach Police Sgt. Aaron Eaton. One person was arrested and several business reported property damage during the incident.
Detectives investigating the July 9 incident found out about the planning stages of another event, by the same group, scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday, Eaton said.

“The Long Beach Police Department takes this issue very seriously and will be prepared to arrest anyone whose intent is to commit criminal acts,” Eaton said. “We will continue to support everyone’s right to free speech and assembly. However, the police must also protect the safety of those victims targeted by these ‘bash mobs.”‘

Didja ever notice that this shit doesn't happen in places like TX, AK, TN, NC, other words, places with GUNS!!!



Spider said...

All they need do is look up "Compassionate Rules For Riot Control", by Bull Connor. They worked just fine in Birmingham, AL. in 1963. Of course, these are modern times, so much bigger dogs and much stronger fire hoses will be needed.

Schteveo said...

...or, like I said, an armed and willing populace.

For the Bull Connor Rules to apply, the LEO's have to be re-stationed. With the PEOPLE armed, we don't need a police state.

Spider said...

Keep in mind that today's LEO's, especially the younger ones, have gone to college and have been "properly indoctrinated" in political correctness. Also in most cases, they work for agencies that are controlled by liberal politicians and bureaucrats.

Meaning? They (would not) react as the police in Birmingham reacted back then, no matter what the provocation. And, believe it or not, i find this more prevalent in, not obviously liberal places like NYC, L.A., etc., but mostly in the mid-west and northwest.

Here's a link to an article most people may find scary, and they should, because it's true.

Schteveo said...

But I think you're 'equating' the LEO's in NYC and the NE in general, with ALL the LEO's nationwide.

If that was the case, the national Sheriffs Associations would be FOR all this crap of grabbing our guns. And I can tell you that the LEO's in general, in my area, are FOR us keeping our 2nd Amendment Rights. If you get into the college cities, I see what you see. In NY, the voting is carried by the HUGE vote in NYC and vicinity. And that's the same for LA, Chitown, Milwaukee, DETROIT, but it's NOT that way in 'flyover'. And I can see ANY of the SWAT's going after a 'supposed' drug operation.

But Officer Smith or Deputy Jones will NOT buy into a half or a quarter of the households in "X" neighborhood being radical revolutionaries. ESPECIALLY when they get the word that this mornings or tomorrow nights SWAT bust is on their friend, neighbor or UNCLE Bill and Aunt Sue's house! And word of that kinda shit would spread fast. Shortly after that, the SWAT guys in a city of less than half a million people will switch side and become more of the revolutionaries.

And unless I've lost touch with human reality, I think the LEOs in places LIKE Milwaukee, NYC, et al wouldn't be far behind. It's one thing to work for the cities first gay female, midget, desk SGT, it's quite another to shoot at your family, friends and acquaintances because of 'orders'.