Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Now They Are Afraid Of Us!

 Did you ever think (we) could have all those Saudi kings and prince's shaking in their castles when the talk is of oil? Usually, it's (they) who have (us) shaking, especially when we see the price at the gas pumps, like now. Well, all that may be changing now that some in Amerika have finally realized we have more oil than the Saudis do.

Knowledgeable scientists and oil experts have long said there's more oil just in North Dakota than "in all of Saudi Arabia"! And that's just one state! Of course, news like that makes the Leftist EnviroNazi's convulse. It also makes the Marxist-in-Chief quite uncomfortable knowing we may not need his Mooslamb brothers anymore. That's why he, and his SS Storm Troopers at the EPA, have been doing everything possible to keep us from using our own oil. 

You see, to save some bird or worm, they want us to go back to driving horse-drawn carts and living in caves. Of course, they mean us, not themselves. And, while laughing themselves to death at that kind of stupidity, the Saudis, and other oil-rich nations, have been amassing unimaginable amounts of wealth, most of it from us. They have also been able to dictate what (we) pay for gas at the pump. But, all of that "may be" changing...



alan said...

I loved that article when I saw it this morning. I find it even more interesting that it only cost's the Saudi's a couple of dollars to produce a barrel that they charge us $100 for. it seems like the JoD used to call that price gauging, and prosecute for it....but anything that makes sense is beyond the current JoD so that makes sense.

Schteveo said...

1st, thanks for putting this up, I started to three times, fecal matter kept occurring here.

When I saw this I had two reactions.

1st, it's a ploy to get the Greens back in the game, because the OPEC guys KNOW fracking is their end!

2nd, he doesn't care about the Green people beating us up, he'll leave that to Obumble, his Wahhabist Brother, because the OPEC guys KNOW fracking is their end!

What we need to do is put the Top 100 Green believing, organic brown rice eating, Leftist control freaks on Algores G-5, and point that MFer at the Sun. THEN launch it with some leftover Morton-Thiokol space shuttle solid fuel rockets, on cold day in Norway!

Spider said...

Or, we could simply have brother Poots let loose a few of his Tomahawks.

The prophet Poots said...

Hellfires, no tomahawks.

Personally I think we should buy ALL our oil from the Dune Coons.
Then when they are all out, we watch them starve, have no money for
sharia global domination and devolve back into tribal war on horseback while we start using ours and charge them a million bucks for a burger.

Schteveo said...

...and how do we keep their Wahhabist buddies off our necks in the mean time?