Thursday, August 1, 2013

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Pssst, is our little gang being watched, tracked, and listened to? And if so, what would they learn, other than that some of us here might need some degree of "psychiatric supervision".

Personally, i don't have a problem with the NSA keeping track of terrorists and their supporters, no matter where they are. The problem is, Butch Napilitano and her Dept. of Homeland Stupidity are not quite sure just who or what a terrorist is. They're sure it's not Mooselambs. Ooooh, that's a no-no.  

So who are the "terrorists"? Well, according to Butch Napilitano, she/he/it believes our returning combat vets,  anyone who lawfully owns a firearm, Christians, White male Conservatives, and anyone who dares disagree with the Muslim-in-Chief, is a likely terrorist! Apparently, WE are the real threat our nation needs to protect itself from. Now do you understand why so many people are buying so much ammo?


Loose Lips Mean said...


Schteveo said...

This Administration is like some bad 60's, B&W, British spy movie. Where you can't tell the good guys and bad guys, even after the credits roll.

CIA?.. Not ME said...

Nawww ... Just figure that there all putt to Fuck you and you'll by better off.

Anonymous said...

And they won't even buy us a drink first!

Bill O'Writes said...

Yup. Even Annie, Kim, or whatever....She claimed I might be a Fed. I also think she might have been a plant, to spin us off the original groups and marginalize us.
Could be. Doesn't matter. Because we are f*cked for adhering to the Constitution? For being true Americans? We pose no threat other than our intellect, which is perhaps the biggest threat of all. In which case they can eat me, and will likely do so.

Al A. Mo said...

If there are any good guys left, it's probably just us.

Spider said...

Good point Bill, but who's plant?
I wonder what ever happened to Annie/Kim?
I wonder who/what/where she is now?
Could she and Missy have been the same person?
I wonder if Missy is still a virgin?
Does brother Poots have the answers to these mysteries?

Phil O Dendrin said...

Hey, I'm not a plant!

Eat Me said...

tight lips, loose lips