Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Enemy Is, Us?

We all know how easy it is for illegal wetbacks, especially drug cartel members, to simply waltz across our border and commit an endless array of violent crimes here, including massive drug smuggling, kidnappings, murders, rapes, etc., then simply waltz back to Mexico. But what if those criminals didn't have to enter illegally? What if they could enter legally and commit those same crimes? What if those illegals were not illegals, but highly-trained members of (OUR) military?

Perhaps, instead of keeping itself busy trying to fill the ranks with queers and little females, and training our troops in the rules of political correctness,  maybe the brass should start paying attention to something that could (literally) blow-up in their, or even worse, our faces...


Schteveo said...

So your contention is that we are starting to create Mercenaries?


Spider said...

No, (they) are starting to create mercs. And it's not a contention. It's a fact.

Schteveo said...

Buddy, I don't wanna burst your NE bubble, but a good 15% to 20% of the Marines who start basic at MCRD San Diego / Camp Pendleton, are Mexicans. The same goes for Ft Sill and Ft Leonard Wood for the Army.

The two biggest ethnic groups in the U.S. Military are Spanish guys and country boys from the South. And so, invariably, when they 'catch' ex-U.S. mercs, they have a Spanish accent, or a red neck accent.

I realize the our military is light years better than Mexico, but to ass-u-me that these three clowns [including an OFFICER] are in any way the average person in uniform is an insult to the REST of us who are serving or who have served.

Are ALL cops on the take or willing to steal from the cop ship or commit murders for hire? And the Los Zetas guys lean toward hiring military guys because they WERE military guys. That's why the Mexicops have such a hard time knocking them down.

Anti bubonic eubonics said...

The enemy is "we", not "us".