Friday, August 9, 2013

Start Packing, SOMEBODY'S got to move!

Three years ago I moved out of a county that was busing to achieve racial, and economic diversity.  Before I moved I voted for a (R) led school board that wanted to do away with that system.  And they won, overwhelmingly, primarily because even the po' folks livin' in da' PJ's were sick of their kids being bused an hour away, so the school board members and the NAACP leadership could feel better about themselves.

As usual the Leftists sued and tied up the plan in court long enough for a NEW school board to over turn that.  THEY won primarily because the voters didn't have enough nerve to stand up to the Lefty crowd.  I'm no longer living there, so I don't care.  But HUD has a MUCH better plan for ALL of us, and we can go back to neighborhood schools.  But some of you rich WHITE MFers are gonna have to move!

HUD Proposes Plan to Racially, Economically Integrate Neighborhoods

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed a new plan to change U.S. neighborhoods it says are racially imbalanced or are too tilted toward rich or poor, arguing the country's housing policies have not been effective at creating the kind of integrated communities the agency had hoped for.

Though details of how the policy would specifically work are unclear, the rule says HUD would provide states, local governments and others who receive agency money with data and a geospatial tool to look at "patterns of integration and segregation; racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty; access to education, employment, low-poverty, transportation, and environmental health."

States would then assess the best way to integrate communities deemed by HUD's data to not be integrated enough. A HUD official, who did not want to speak on record because of the public comment period, said the rule hopes to better match up HUD-assisted housing with the communities that have good hospitals, schools and other assets.
"It's not just having people of different colors live together just to do so," he says. "African-Americans and Latinos are more likely to live in segregated communities, that are predominantly lower income, have less strong public resources, less schools and educational opportunities, employment opportunities. This kind of integration strengthens economic equality."
So?  Which of you is willing to uproot your family and move to a new house across the street for your town's toughest, drug infested, gang operated, gub'ment housing development?  And I use the word 'willing' as a JOKE.

If they EVER got this approved, they'd be forcing us, or some of us, to move.  And IF I'm not mistaken, that was a pretty standard way to operate, and is STILL the SOP, in Communist / Socialist run countries.  Russia did it, NK does it, China does it, Cuba does it, they do it in HugoChavezland, seen it in Africa, Cambodia had a REALLY good plan for moving the people where the gov't wanted!!!

But those pesky intelectuals caused so much trouble, the kindly leaders were forced to kill several million of them.

Personally, I'm not moving, unless it's in a gov't approved, metal coffin, provided at their cost, carried by their minions.  And I have the guns and ammo to prove my point.  These SOB's have lost their GD minds!


Jus Sayin.... said...


Schteveo said...

...and it's a GOOD, GD thing that prices are dropping and supply is increasing, because we are going to need it!!

IMNSHO, the very FACT that anyone, in any position of power, in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, thought for ONE, MFing, SECOND, that this would, could or should be allowable, under our [supposed] Constitution, shows me JUST how GD far we've fallen, from what the Founders imagined. Lest we forget that SOME of them were against moving the INDIANS if of tribal lands, so I'm pretty GD sure, they'd not have considered this!

Lemme ask you to do this, GO find a vet of WWII, Korea or even Nam, print out that story, let them read it and then, just fucking ASK them what they think. Ask them if this PRE-MFing-CISELY what they fought ELSEWHERE to prevent!

I don't mind telling you, this is IT for me. I am about to go GD rabid on ANYONE who tells me they are voting for a fucking DEMOCRAT. I'm sending this story to EVERYONE on my e-mail list. And I bet you I carry it ON me forever too, or until they gain some kind of sense in D.C.

Yeah, right.

And BTW, HOW the FUCK is it that HUD, can 'give power' to ANYONE!? They aren't a power GIVER!!!

Spider said...

In the old America, people would be loading their guns, lighting their torches, and heading for DC for an old fashioned "cook out", as in, burn the place, and everybody in it, to the ground. The longer the sheeple tolerate what's going on, the more drastic the solution needed to fix it will be, again assuming it's still fixable.

But this is the new Amerika. If people don't get a tweet about something, they are clueless. And worse yet, most don't even care. That's how totally fcuked-up this gigantic international public toilet bowl we call "our country" has become. And IMO, it's going to take a lot longer than most of have left to fix it, assuming that's still possible. Personally, i think the rot has gotten so deep into our society that none of us will be around to see it change, assuming it will ever change again.

Leftism is like a cancer. It never sleeps, nor does it ever stop growing and spreading. Before you know it, it's beyond fixable. And i (truly) fear we are at that point. As most of us here knows, there's only one way left to fix what's been done to our country, and it's gonna take a whole lot of balls, guts, and especially, ammo. Those poor fools who still think they're going to change things by voting, are IMO, just that. Fools.

Schteveo said...

I often wonder if we'll EVER get to vote again.

But I also doubt that most of the people will even chose sides if and when SHTF. Most will just follow the 'war' in Twittr or FaceBook or some other type of idiotoid, 21st Century, 'social media' BS.

Dr Detroit said...

Send 'em to Detroit1

Nevermind, everywhere will be Detroit

Spider said...

Schteveo said...
"I often wonder if we'll EVER get to vote again..."

Well bud, we've been voting for a loooong time. Have things gotten better?

All U need is a $1 and a dream said...

I've been playing the lottery. Government sponsored numbers racket.
I did what they say....they have not kept up their side of the deal.

Schteveo said...

No they're not better.

BUT some ass hat will say, in D.C., or some statehouse, city managers office, city council, county commissioners meeting, will eventually say that about voting...THEN adding in that they'll just stop future voting because the voters are too stupid to realize just how smart the elected worms are and how good we have it already.

Then, the lead will fly, the ropes will stretch, the mayhem will ensue.

All of which I fully expect in my lifetime, but none of which I want to see with a (D) controlled WH or Senate. Which means I don't see the (R) as being able to stop it now EITHER.

Cowpill said...

Republicans are Democrat douchenozzels with another title.

alan said...

Hold on, Hold on....the article pointed out several times that people from certain zip codes are those ones losing out. something to the effect of "if they come from this zip code, bad things happen and opportunities are lost".

My answer is a whole lot easier and cheaper....


with all the other hokie stuff they come up with, that makes at least as much sense.