Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just ONE of the things I really like about the 'South', ig'nern's, ol' fashioned ig'nern's!

I've been in every state in the country, and 30 countries around the World in my merry travels.  So I get that there are places where the people are smarter than they might be in other places.  And I've met my share of goons, goofballs and slack jawed yokels most everywhere I've gone.  But when I read stories like this one, it lets me know that some places in the Old South are STILL the Old South.
A Sikh truck driver claims Mississippi traffic cops labeled him a “terrorist” because of his turban — and was then degraded in court when a county judge called the religious headwear “that rag.”

Jagjeet Singh, 49, a trucker from California, was driving through the Magnolia State when he was pulled over for driving with a flat tire in Pike County on Jan. 16, according to a complaint filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Singh was taken to a weigh station operated by the state’s Department of Transportation, where he says cops ordered him to turn over his “kirpan,” a 3-inch ceremonial blade that all Sikh men traditionally carry in their waistbands, the ACLU said.

The letter said that Singh tried to explain that the blade was a sacred talisman, and even showed the officers videos on his phone that explained the Sikh faith.

“In response, however, the officers laughed at him and mocked his religious beliefs,” the letter read. “One officer declared that all Sikhs are depraved and ‘terrorists.’”

But Singh was humiliated even more when he appeared in court for the charge in March.

As he waited for his attorney in the back of the courtroom, four officers approached him and told him that Judge Aubrey Rimes had ordered them to kick him out if he did not remove his turban, Atwood said.

Singh’s attorney went to the judge’s chambers, where his orders were allegedly repeated.

“He further stated that Mr. Singh would not be allowed to re-enter the courtroom unless he removed ‘that rag’ from his head and threatened to call Mr. Singh last on the docket if he continued to wear the religious headdress,” Atwood said.
I used to hate working in Mississippi.  It always seemed like they'd missed the bus with respect to stuff like..knowing 1960 had come and gone, or that women could drive legally, or that men had walked on the moon.  I used to really watch my speed down there and make sure that I was legal in every way, and shit like this story is why.

 The other thing that concerns me on this, is the number of stupid people who still don't know just WHO the bad guys really are.  I can get a couple of idiot DMV 'chicken coop' guys not knowing their asses from a hole in the wall.  But a guy sitting on a judges bench, even if it is friggin' traffic court, HIM you'd expect to know something.

I am currently planning a road trip for my wife and I for our Anniversary, Mississippi wasn't on the list of states to drive through, now it's off the list of states to drive NEAR!


Spider said...

I haven't run into too many Sikhs here in NYC, (and we have many) but i have had contact with some. Many drive city taxis and are also on the city payroll in various agencies.

Personally, i've found them to be polite and intelligent. Not surprisingly, they have had some challenges to their head-wear because IMO, as Steve says, most people don';t know the difference between Sihks and Mooslambs. Several years ago, one sued the NYPD because regulations would not permit him to wear the beards that are common for them, or their head-wear on duty. He won that fight.

In fact, with NYC being the international toilet bowl that it is, i don't ever recall reading/hearing about a criminal problem involving Sikhs. And i'm also aware that they (are not) the people we're at war with.

Schteveo said...

I've known a few over the years, mostly when I was at the Nuke Plant. They were polite and well spoken, intelligent, unlike the Hindu Indians I've dealt with, who always acted arrogant and most needed an introduction to soap and hot water. This may be why the British had Regiments of Sikh Cavalry and legions of Hindi infantry, cooks, stable boys and guys like Gunga Din.

In Canada there are a number of disparaging names for Indians and Pakistanis. I don't ever remember hearing anything bad about the Sikh communities in Ontario, Quebec or out west in BC.

I do know that many Canadians think of Hindus the way Southerners thought of Negroes WAY back WHEN. Everybody ought to own a couple and nobody wants their daughter to marry one, even other Hindus. But I have to tel you, in the places I worked, they were earning that reputation via the way they acted and worked.

When I was traveling for work in the 90's, there was a big influx of Indian couples buying franchised Best Western, Days Inn and Motel 6 places. I can tell you that we often worked in the same areas and out of the same hotels / motels. We could count on the service, cleanliness and overall 'hospitality' of those places tanking when the Indians took over.

I really an the type person who doesn't judge an entire race, group or religion based on someone else's opinion, or stuff I'm told. I think I've proven that here and elsewhere, with my defense of average Muslims I've met or worked with vs radical murderous Muslims who do shit like 9/11. Having said that, my experience is that the majority of Hindus I've come in contact with are not people I'd care to know or do business with.

Because those are MY experiences.

Schteveo said...

[wrong button alert]

But the thing I think is ad and dangerous is guys with badges and guns and fucking judges with gavels, ALL sworn to uphold the law, not knowing the good guys from the bad guys and a judge who treads on ANYONE'S religion in America should lose his job AND his fucking Bar Card.

We can't have the people who are upholding the laws that (supposedly) protect us, harming us through their own personal ignorance.

The Turbinator said...

Those are "pull-starts" as opposed to "push-starts".

One should know which engine is which.

Sgt J W Peppa said...

Dad gum it boiy. Don't chew no dat we ain't never had no terrorism down hea in my parish... You little pointy head.