Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The same thing all over again

So here we go again.  Another mass shooting has taken place.  I wonder if anyone of the people of whom I disagree with, politically, nearly 99% of the time is ever going to notice a common thread?

that being....the mass shootings always seem to take place in a target rich environment where the people have been disarmed!!!

Washington D. C.  one of the 3 most restrictive places in this country to possess a gun.  A major crime perpetrated by....a stereotype.

I wonder if they are ever going to notice that stereotypes usually have a nugget of truth to them?

Now I am going to stop thinking and just sits for a while.


Cowpill said...

Jessie? Al? Bueller?

Shooter Pooter said...

Well they're not going to try to shoot up anywhere where you can carry a gun. ALL of these things happen in Gun-Free Zones.

In AZ you can even pack in state govt offices. Never a prob. If you were to start shit you'd be capped by a half dozen Trained Citizens before you cleared leather.

This will not be a big deal. Everybody that depends on a vote to have a job is looking Real Hard at the recall in CO. and the elections coming up.

Yesterday my 4th grader learned that the AZ state Constitution specifically includes a copy of the language of the 2nd amendment.

(and not as an amendment either....it's in the body of our constitution.)

Spider said...

Quite true. Lots of the elected lying crooks are paying (very) close attention to what's happening in CO. They all know there's no way they can disarm this nation without starting another revolution, so why should they try it and risk losing their no-show jobs. But that doesn't mean the hard-core Left will stop trying. Their frontal assault on the 2nd Amendment was stopped by the SCOTUS decision, so now they're trying to do it a piece-at-a-time.

(AP) "California is on the verge of becoming the first state to impose a full ban on hunting with lead bullets — with environmentalists and gun-rights advocates squaring off as Gov. Jerry Brown decides whether to sign the legislation.

The state already has a ban on lead-bullet hunting in eight counties with an endangered condor population. But the new proposal, overwhelmingly approved this month by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly, would impose a statewide ban on all hunting. …

Environmentalists and other supporters have broadened their argument beyond protecting the prehistoric condor bird, saying the lead bullets, and the left-behind lead fragments on which animals feed, are making their way into the country’s edible meat supply.

And they point to a 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control and the North Dakota Department of Public Health that concluded lead is so prevalent in meat harvested through hunting that pregnant women and children should never eat it..."

chronos the wonder pig said...

y'all notice that the shooting was at the Washington Navy yard where the museum ship USS Barry DD 933 is tied up? coincidence?
then there is the USS Barry DDG 52 that is just a waiting to fire cruise missiles at $1,000,000 a shot at Syria...another coincidence?

Most Presidents have to wait until they croak before a ship is named after them.......

(don't pay the ransom, I escaped!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Barry Bonds? How about Barry Manilow?

U 235 Poots said...

Fuck California and everyone living there. They bought it now they own it. Fuck'm.

On the other hand.'..... personally I prefer Depleted Uranium. Works well in an Apache

PootFuk Liberal fukz said...

Did I just say Fuck California?

I forgot to add FUCK DC and everyone that resides there who sucks the life blood of the USA.

Of course if that happened, the place would be as empty as a Detroit employment agency....................................................... unless it was located in a welfare office.

Candy said...

Me want Fuck Suck

Schteveo said...

I like the part where it took 4 days to get out the news that the shooter was on anti-psychotics. Or was it sleeping meds and anti-depressants? Or was it both?

And believe it or not, THAT'S about the way it was told in the report I heard. Clear as mud.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's called "transparency".

Anonymous said...

More like Butt Fuckery.

Poot ,Snorpht Poot said...

Well nigga shooting nigga is like muslims killing muslims.

As Auric Goldfinger might say "I welcome any enterprise that increases the amount of it".