Sunday, September 15, 2013

What Were 2+ BILLION Rounds For?

As we all know, it was impossible for gun owners/shooters to buy ammo last year, and the prices for the few rounds that were available were astronomical. Then, word leaked out that (the govt.) had purchased and/or ordered "over 2 Billion rounds " of ammo, almost all of hit Hollow Point handgun ammo. We then found out that the same govt. also ordered "hundreds of full-auto rifles " for their agents. There were also dozens and dozens of armored cars. And we all said the same thing, WTF?

Well, it seems that this Marxist govt. has far more "agents" than anyone can explain, and they're in agencies that (should not) be heavily armed, or armed at all. But they are. Is America becoming a police state, or, has it already become a police state?


Barney Fife said...

Mainly collateral damage

Schteveo said...

OK, let me do this...AGAIN. Or, let me ask again at any rate.

Do you honestly think, that a DEA Agent, or some clown from the EPA will draw a gun and shoot his own neighbors, friends or FAMILY? Yes they'll barge onto the gold claim of some guy hey don't know, on goofy charges, but draw on and shoot people they know? I don't buy it, never did, never will.

I think the idiots in the WH and the DNC think they can get the armed guys ginned up for defending their Socialist dream. But don't the armed guys ALSO lose their Rights, if the armed guys defend these idiots? I know there are people who will sacrifice themselves for a 'cause'. Many of us have taken oaths to defend our cities, or our counties and even the Constitution and Country.

But that DOESN'T mean we'd push our wife, mother, brother or one of our kids onto a hand grenade to protect Obama or his minions, because he's the POTUS, now DOES it!?! Well, if I wouldn't do it, and none of YOU would do it, WHY do you think so little of the other people he's armed, and assume THEY'D do it?!

And lemme say, I think these fuckers are bat shit, send dissidents to a gulag, hang the revolutionaries CRAZY. But this isn't the Russia in 1917, where you can lie to the people and the truth can't get out. Remember this, during the last 3 or 4 WH Admin's, we've had more 'secrets' leaked to the press, bloggers and foreign gov'ts than ever before. HowTF could these idiots keep the people in the dark, if they can't control their secrets?

Cowpill said...

Knowing this is being read and retained as evidence, I am fully versed on their tactics and am duly prepared. As Ol' Clint used to say, Go ahead, make my day!

Shooter Pooter said...

Actually a lot of the crunch has been the 65,000,000 new gun owners since the Muslim Marxist blew into town and the extra training and stockpiling they've been doing. When everybody has their full stash the prices will come way down cause of all the increased capacity all the ammo mfgrs have installed.

2B rounds. I don't even think that's a real lot. I bet a million rnds are fired in a month at Rio Salado where I shoot.

Spider said...

I agree with my buddy Steve, BUT, what he's forgetting is that those agents (won't) be sent to the homes of (their) friends, families, and loved ones. They'll be sent to the homes of (your) family and loved ones.

And, with the crop of PC'ized uniformed govt. nuts out there today, the guys with the shaved heads, flak jackets, tatts, body armour, bulging muscles, AR-15's, and aggression oozing out of their ears, if you think the majority won't obey orders, you're crazy. The only time they'll refuse is if they see that the whole country's blowing up. That, and only that, will change the picture.