Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be A Traitor, Win A Prize!

I must be getting old because i remember a time when if you were a traitor, one who endangered his country and his fellow soldiers, you were handed a cigarette and a blindfold, then sent to your just reward, with a bang. Not so today. Today, you sure-as-hell wouldn't be allowed to be so anti-PC by getting a smoke even if they were going to shoot you. No, today you get nominated for, are ya ready, the Nobel Prize for Peace! No, that's not a typo. You have the opportunity to join the ranks of past "winners" such as fat Algore and the Marxist-in-Chief himself. Obviously, the prize in a Cracker-Jacks box has more value.

This may be the reward for Pvt. Bradley Manning, the frustrated little queen who stole, then gave away, "tons" of classified military and diplomatic secrets. Why would he/she/it do something like that? Who knows. Maybe he was in need of attention. Maybe he had his period, or thought it might give him the chance to hang out in the men's locker room with all those big, strong, Marines. What we do know is that somehow, this Leftist little fag was allowed to sit at a military computer and have access to some of our nations top secrets. Obviously, the military needs to pay more attention to their screening process, assuming they even have one today. Then again, he's gay, so most of the rules probably wouldn't apply to him. I'd love to know who got him that job. Some gay General perhaps? If that's the case, Generals can be (and should be) shot as easily as privates...


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