Saturday, February 11, 2012

When your kids' computers go too far.

I love this one. I spent the whole day on Fox news reading and writing comments.

If only more parents took a hard line with their kids when they needed it.

One of my former co-workers did something similar while driving down the free way. She warned the kids that if they didn't stop fighting over the hand held game she would throw it out the window. They kept fighting, she asked for it (and they, not believing she would actually do it, gave it to her) and she threw it out the window. As she watched it shatter into a million pieces in the rear view mirror she thought to herself, "I can't believe I just threw $250 out the window" But now her kids believe her, and long trips are more enjoyable, with a lot less fighting.

My moniker in the comments is Cavpilot67. I think I irritated a few people, but I had nothing else to do all day.

Did you know that you can come off of military retirement and go back into the military? at least until September 2013. but if you have been out for more than 12 months you have to go through a "regreening" process, which basically means you go through a modified version of Basic Training. the DI drives you everywhere, opens doors for you, never yells, but you still have to sit through endless hours of Equal opportunity, consideration of others, and sexual harrassment classes. You live in a barracks with 3 other retirees for two weeks, and you are so far away from everybody else that really, the only thing to do is sit on foxnews and make commments when the weekend gets here......but hey, I'm going back to what I love, teaching people how to kill people that desperately need it.


Schteveo said...

did you get more $$$$ out of the DoD?

The problem with 'modern' parents is the lack of, for a better term, 'parenting. They want to talk and agree and come to conclusions. When I was a kid, my dad did all the talking, he agreed to let me live (many, many times) and he never (quite) gave me a concussion.

My father was not abusive. But I knew for certain that he would beat my ass if I pushed him. I can honestly say I don't think I ever got 'swatted' by him but two or three times. (my poor mother on the other hand, spent years paddling me with those terry cloth slippers with the rubber soles) (I still break into a sweat when I see those things in a store)

When we had small kids, they had the same deal with me. I treated raising kids the same way the U.S. treated the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War. If the kids didn't 'launch' by acting up, I wouldn't launch an ass beating. I like to refer to it as "Ass Beating Detente".

Currently, my grandsons think I'm completely out of my mind because, and here's where I wrap around to the topic, because I do NOT allow them to play, buy or talk about any (#$%^###@!, *^*&,) video games.

And I watched that dude's video last night. I'm going to find him, he's a local, and I'm gonna buy him some new ammo to replace what he shot!

Spider said...

Alan said;
"but hey, I'm going back to what I love, teaching people how to kill people that desperately need it..."

In that case, i wish you many long years of success.

BOW said...


alan said...

Yep, more $$$. Even though I was out for 2 years, I was considered "IRR" Inactive REady Reserve, so my time kept building. Unfortunately, the pay scale maxes out for my grade, so no more salary than if I had stayed in.

On the other hand, I will be adding an additional 2.5% to my retirement. Not as much as inflation, but hey, its something after the 0% COLA adjustments we got while I was retired.

My dad didn't paddle us much. he was pretty off handish, but mom's wooden kitchen spoons....That was a traditional Christmas replace the ones that she broke over your tail during the year.

No grandpa on the other hand...WWII vet, rancher and carpenter...and Eagle Scout and life long Scoutmaster....The man hs been gone almost 8 years, and I can still feel his boots on my posterior from when I was a teen.