Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sleep Safe Tonight

That's right. Tonight, you and your loved ones can go to sleep feeling safe and secure, thanks to Butch Napilitano and her Dept. of Homeland Stupidity. And just what amazing feat did they accomplish to make us all safer, you ask? Well, DHS, with all their guns, dogs, drones, Billions in tax payer money to use, and God only knows what else, managed to stop ten thousand "dangerous" hair dryers from entering the country! There, don't you feel safer already?

What's that you say? What about the thousands of illegals who entered the country yesterday, or the thousands of tons of illegal drugs that came into the country yesterday? Hey, Butch obviously has priorities, meaning all that other junk will have to wait. Do you realize how many women would have been in danger from these hair dryers? What are you, anti-women or something?


CenTexTim said...

I happen to be follically challenged, so I'm not too worried about hair dryers, dangerous or otherwise. But it's nice to know that the rest of you hairy bastards can sleep peacefully.

Schteveo said...

Thousands of unsafe hair dryers?

That totally blows!

Libby Tahrd said...

Don't be silly. You know if all those blowdryer were going at once, global warming would accelerate.

Schteveo said...

It would have been much better if they'd stopped the hair dryers, being carried by 13,000 maricon hairdressers, 'mincing' across the Rio Grande'! Stopping them at the border, all reciting their favorite love poem.

"Donde es de Grande Pinjo Norte!"

(but in that irritating sing song gay voice they all use)

(and WHY is that crap international?)

Hung Like a Moose Janet said...

You conservative neanderthal. Always twisting the facts.

It was 13000 hair dryers.

Schteveo said...

Yeah I got it. But when have you ever seen a hairdresser who didn't have a hairdryer?

Nudder beutifull day said...

Poots sitting outside drinking Buds@ 72 F.

Here in Phoenix, totally superfluous. In summer your hair is dry before you can pick up the hairdryer.

Spider said...

Spider sitting here in Brooklyn at 60 degrees! And, it's the middle of February! (it should be in the low to mid 30's) Could it be that fat Algore is right? I, for one, surely hope so. I hate the cold.

BTW, i paid $4.06 per-gal for 89 oct. Mobil yeaterday! (2/18) WTF will it be in July?

Superstition Poots said...

But, you're still in Brooklyn. And I'm looking at the Superstition Mountains.

Schteveo said...

oil 'speculators' are thinking the per gal price of unleaded reg-you-lur guzzle-een will be $5.10 for the 4th of July Holiday Week(end). That was the high end price, from the Fox Bid'ness guys too. Not the ain't it great it's still so cheap do you know what gas costs in London and Paris NOW typical looney, NYT branch of the MSM Hacks for Obama Re-Election Association, reporters.

They all drive Prius' so they think $10 a gallon is OK.

When GWB left office gasoline was $1.83 and then Sen. Obama wanted a Senate Investigation of THAT outrageous price above what it had been when Clinton left. Obama hinted at collusion between Bush and his 'friends' in Big Oil. Over the 8 years Bush was in office gas prices went up a little less than 40%.

If the price of gasoline goes up to $5.10, that would mean an increase of 278% over the cost of a gallon of gas when Mr Obama took office. As it sits today, according to the AAA Nationwide Gas Avg, it's $4.38, or an increase of 239% since Jan 20, 2009.

How did that classic quote of President BHO's go? Something like...
"...and under my plan, the price of energy would necessarily sky rocket.
Looks like he's getting his plan done right on schedule.
We're supposed to be going to spend an upcoming weekend with my NYC ex-pat cousin. I can't WAIT to ask her about how things are going from her point of view. I'll report on how she's hoping and changing.
I heard this AM on TV news, the Iranians have ceased selling oil to the U.K. and France. Iran is mad at them because they are siding with us on the Iranian nuke plan. France and the U.K. cut off from Iranian oil, means two large countries NOW forced to pull off of the already short supply of non-Iranian oil.

If only one of the friendly countries along our border HAD a source of oil, that they were willing and ready to sell to us, and all we had to do was build a pipeline or something to get the oil to TX refineries!

If only...

Marxist Muslim Hater said...

And Munky Boys Minions, just warned everybody that the conservatives are going try to make a campain issue out the gas prices.

Spider said...

Superstition Poots said...
"But, you're still in Brooklyn. And I'm looking at the Superstition Mountains..."

Hey, you should see the mountains i'm looking at! And she's right across the street, not miles away.

Hey Steve, at this rate, we may pass $5. by July! Of course, if we didn't have a Mooselamb in the WH, he would've ordered Iran vaporized which would bring the prices down again.