Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Remember?

As you get older, things that you were familiar with most of your life seem to become ancient history, and seemingly over night. It can be really scary! Most of you guys, (except perhaps for Steve) are probably not old enough to remember things like;

Gas @ $.25 per gallon
Small-screen TV's,
Real chrome bumpers,
Being able to eat what you want,
and being able to say what you think without being arrested or sued.

And a bunch more that i'm sure you can come up with. What about privacy? How many of you remember actually having privacy? Do you remember the days when the only people who had your personal information were the people you gave it to? Have we reached a point in our so-called "progress" where people don't even care? Or, have we all simply become props for the govt. and the insatiably greedy advertising industry? Have you noticed that today, there's nothing you can look at, or listen to, or read, that doesn't contain some kind of commercial/political message? Could that be why so many people today don't even understand the concept of, relaxing?

Have we gone from being a nation of free-thinkers to a nation of weak, brain-dead fools who will accept anything that's done to us?


Schteveo said...

Here's MY list of rememberances.

Gas @ $.25 per gallon

I've bought gas for $.19.9 once in my life, during a 'gas war' in Coshocton, OH. 1971 or '72

Small-screen TV's,

the first TV Mrs Schteveo and I had was a 12" job my parents gave us. My parents did NOT own a color set until AFTER I was married.

Real chrome bumpers,

If they ain't chrome, they ain't bumpers!


I had family in NYC, summer, for me, was about NY style pizza, bagels, egg cremes and Italian Ices. You just couldn't get that stuff in KY!!!

Being able to eat what you want,
and being able to say what you think without being arrested or sued.

I'm of the non-working, cast iron, southern gentlemen class (often spelled S-O-B by Yankees and liberals) so I say what I want, when I want. Of course, unless I'm armed. I still refrain from yelling nigger, when I'm downtown.

Then again, that's not free speech, it's stupid speech.

And just for the sake of addxing this posted topic. I don't 'give' my e-mail addx unless I want to. I've told a number of doctors, insurance agents and others that I don't 'do' e-mail.

Hell, I have no idea who they'll give it to, so they don't get it.

Spider said...

I figured you'd remember a lot of that stuff old timer. (lol)

Unfortunately, today you don't have to give your email addy (or most anything else) to anyone. They simply take it digitally.

JFK said...

Ahhh, the good old days, when you had to practically marry the bitch just to get her to swallow.

Poots Fan said...


Schteveo said...

I don't know of even one ".org" or ".who-the-F-ever" that has captured my e-mail addx. If I start filling out paper forms and I see it, I skip it; and if I come to it online, I opt out.

stinkinrottenkid said...

One would only get pre-engaged for that to happen, knowing full well mouth to unit would end once the ring was on

CenTexTim said...

I was a pump jockey at a "service station" (remember them?) when gas was $.25/gallon. I cleaned windshields, checked the oil and tire pressure, and gave out S&H Green Stamps (another blast from the past).

Side note - I remember when computer keyboards had the cent sign on the keyboard, and you didn't have to do the dollar sign and decimal point thing.

Falstaff Beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz ... I could go on, but all of a sudden I'm thirsty.

Schteveo said...

first, WELCOME to ya.

Second, I remember all that stuff. My go to brand was Schlitz for YEARS. Do you remember what KILLED Schlitz Beer?

Spider said...

And here i was thinking i was the only old timer here.

CenTexTim said...

"Do you remember what KILLED Schlitz Beer?"

Wasn't it the introduction of lite beer?

PootWeiser said...

It was when people realized it tasted like shit. BTW, You can ask get Shitz. Hard to find but I've seen out in the last month. Course, maybe it was still on the shelf since 1965.

Poot Shtud said...

Poots Fan, You gotta be a chickiepoo. Awl de ChickiePooz LOVE poots.

In fact, I tink I goin call ewe my lidda PootTang.

and, as always:

EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poot Fan said...

Haven't you noticed? We don't have any chickiepoos left here. The place turned into the Al Bundy clubhouse.

Do you think Missy's still married?

The Poot Piper said...

PF, they all got hot crotches few from hanging around here and ended up preggers, like Heidi.

RE Missy, what's the life span of a German Shepard? 8 years? Less on a peanut butter diet? Figure shes got maybe 4 more years tops.

Rocky said...

How about Hamm's Beer? 45 singles (records not ammo, Poot) with the plastic center insert? Four inch wide skateboards with metal wheels and riveted trucks? Best of all - mothers who were home when you were there?


Pooter Shooter said...

Rockola, none dat sheet mean Hershey Squat what ch'all ain't gots enough AMMO. My 1000 rnds coming tomorrow morning. Goin hab fun dis weak end.

Schteveo said...

Sorry for the delay on my answer.

Advertiser would say that the thing that killed Schlitz, was the series of commercials where they had a bear, a cougar and (?) a tiger with a trainer.

Some clown shows up with NOT Schlitz and the animal trainer / owner sets the bear, cougar, tiger on that non-Schlitz drinker.

In advertising classes call that, "use my product or we'll kill you" and, needless to say, the advise against it.

Schlitz did suck at the end Poots. But original recipe Schlitz was pretty damned good. And how is it that anyone drinks Bud talks crap about any other beer?

It's the beer that killed hundreds of local breweries via CHEAPER prices, NOT better price. Of course that also caused the micro brew and home brew backlash.

I don't know whether to hate them or love them?? So I'll just stick to loath.

Pootweiser said...

Shitz still lives. I've seen it in a couple places. Now it's a GOURMET BEER, like Eidlweis. You know,that shit beer that when you were broke you could find on sale for forty nine cents a sixer.
And watch that Bud shit. If it weren't for Bud I wouldn't drink beer. Then you'd have a vodka and scotch powered Poots to deal with, which is a whole nother animal y'all don't wanna know about.

Schteveo said...

I saw that they're (supposedly) making Schlitz with the original recipe again. Sadly, it doesn't come this far east nor south. So I can't re-critique it for the rest of the class.

I'll keep looking though.

alan said...

Now you guys make me feel like a young buck...gas was at $0.75 when I started driving.

Mrs. & I had a 13 inch color tv with one of them new fangled VCRs built right into it....can't beleive I paid almost $400 for that.

My bumper wasn't was painted, but then again, it was on a work truck not a "sport model"