Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Great Loss

No, this is not about the unspeakable loss of young innocent lives in CT., nor is it about the loss of our 2nd Amendment rights that is coming. This is about the loss of a truly great man, a man that was so feared by the Left that they mounted one of the most ferocious attacks against him that anyone can remember.

I'm talking about Judge Robert Bork who died yesterday at the age of 85. Unfortunately, most people today wouldn't even know his name. Yet back then, the mere mention of his name made Leftists tremble. Why? Because aside from being the nation's leading, and brightest, Constitutional scholar, he was a strong believer in that Constitution. Not the manipulated "living " version that Leftists prefer, but of what the Founding Fathers intended.

In 1987, Judge Bork was nominated for the SCOTUS by President Reagan who had a great respect and admiration for him. The Left went wild! Ironically, they were lead by Ted (the lady killer) Kennedy, who claimed the judge, because of his Conservative views, would be dangerous to America's women! (as if Teddy and his family weren't )

Conservatives lost a great man yesterday, and i'll bet there's hardly anyone who will even remember him. Certainly not the MSM. That, IMO, is one of the reasons we, as a nation, are heading into oblivion...


Spider said...

Here's a perfect example of how the evil forces of the Left can demonize even a great man.

Schteveo said...

Rest in Peace your honor, and thanks for all you did for American legal Issues and our Courts.