Wednesday, December 19, 2012

At least a few politicians get it.

Here are a few phrases:

“They are going where they won’t get any resistance"
"..., but what we do know is that active shooters go where there is no one there to resist."

"So we are our first responders"

police officer:  ‘Ninety-five percent of the time, we get to the scene late.’

To me this is a "no duh" problem.  I mentioned it a few days ago.  Those "gun free" zones should have signs posted that say "no resistance here, mass mayhem welcome"  or "don't bring your gun here or our staff will use theirs"  I like the second one best. Or, in this day of inuendo, "you show us yours, we'll show you ours, then use them."   It appears to me that the school district described in the article already figured out how to solve the problem. 

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Spider said...

If we think logic, facts, and common sense are going to work with the Left, then we're more crazy than they are.

The Left has been trying to disarm America for generations, and they will never stop, nor will they ever miss an opportunity. Never! That they would use the unspeakable tragedy in CT. to get their political point across is of course, SOP for the Left. To them, their agenda trumps all things.

Are we gun owners and shooters going to take a serious hit over this situation? IMO, yes. So long as the conversation is being ruled by hysteria and emotion, both of which are being used by the MSM and the rest of the Left, i believe we have more laws, rules, and regulations coming our way. Just how far will they go? That remains to be seen, but you can bet they will keep the emotions high and go for broke this time.

Spider said...

To show you how very determined the Left is on the gun issue, Commiewood has started to use censorship. Obviously, their hatred of guns and gun owners even trumps their insatiable greed for profits.

30rnds = 1 hit Piggy said...

All depends how far away the nearest Dunkin Donuts is... Boy.

alan said...

Very true Spidey,

the only time that commiewood likes guns is when they are used in the movies to bring in the profits.

A. Levy said...

Or, when the rich and famous have their "quiet" concealed carry permits.

Anonymous said...

Fox's Bill O'Buffoon was on a Fox afternoon show yesterday discussing the CT. shootings. He was then asked if he had a concealed carry permit. He refused to answer stating, "we celebrities must keep things like that private."