Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Testes

Everyone wants them, but not everyone may have them. Just be glad I'm not Turner Brown!


stinkinrottenkid said...

Seems my testes work just fine

Wish You Were Poots said...

MIne did 9 years ago.

Did any body see the concert? Catch Rojer Waters? Proved again that after 30 years that Fag Ass is still the biggest Douche Bag in the biz. Hw couldn't even pay enough to get anybody with any talent to be in his band (I was going to say 'back him up' but that Shit Munky WAS the back up). I hope it was AIDS or Heroin that got him so skinny. Can't imagine anybody looking that pathetic on thier own. I bet David Gilmore (super talent and maybe one of the top 5 axe men ever)is peeing in his pants right now.

Adam Sandler was a million times better. What a douche drinking FukWad.

O, and Merry Christmas.....

Jimi Pootrix said...

Fuk - Daltry looks like a 92 YO Tom Jones.

Ya'll feelin old ?

Schteveo said...

the problem is NOT a line or two in a Posting. It's making paragraphs.

I've tried several times to get it to work throughout the day, to no avail.

Can someone try to do something like what I've just done here.

This may be on my end, but I have no way to test that.

Make paragraphs.


I did NOT watch because I didn't want to see / hear the leftist horse shit that I knew would occur. Money is tight right now, so shooting my TV didn't seem like a good idea.

I despise that idiot Coonyay West, and I heard he was a 'performer' and I use the term loosely. I especially didn't want to hear the AA celebutards praising The Same One for his great job post hurricane. For the most part, I'm saving my ammo for the ZA. I'm guessing the lefties in America would have clapped their approval and support, as Nero fiddled and Rome smoldered, if they'd had socialized medicine.

I wonder if the had concealed carry for their swords?

Lastly, I'm probably going to be scarce for the next two weeks. Mrs Schteveo is getting a new, bionic knee installed next Tuesday morning. So I've got 11,952,327 things to do between then and now, THEN I'm her stepn'fetchit for two weeks after that AND it looks like the daughter-in-law and g'sons will be moving in here before Dec 31st.

I could be busier, but I'm not sure HOW.

BOW said...

The WHO!

The Stones looked like Zombies, Even Keith Richards looked Healthier than Mick Jagger!