Sunday, December 9, 2012

Todays Question

Q: Which country posses the greatest threat to America's sovereignty, financial stability, and national security, Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, China, Russia, or Afghanistan?

A: Wrong. It's Mexico!


Schteveo said...

There are several thoughts that hit me over this.

It doesn't surprise me that the WH would ignore this. There's no political gain for them for helping this guy. And they don't SHIT unless there's a gain for them

I'm not sure how his being a Marine affects this. He's a U.S,. CITIZEN and that alone SHOULD trigger our [idiot] State Department to work for his release.

Lastly, I place some of this on his shoulders. Knowing just how screwed up relation are now across that border, I wouldn't go into Mexico for winning lottery numbers! To be more precise, I wouldn't go OUT of the U.S. now for this exact reason. As screwed up, messed up and f*&ked up as we ARE, I'd rather be 'trapped' INSIDE the country than outside in some place that's even MORE screwed up.

Honestly, my 'traveling' area is getting smaller as time goes on. I'm not willing to get too far from my base camp for fear that the ZA will occur and I'll be miles away from my safety zone.

Cowpill said...

I say we go spring him.

Munky Butt know Munky Butt said...


Michelles Munky face

Spider said...

We wouldn't even have to go. Just cut-off all their aid money and he'll be out in ten minutes.