Saturday, April 6, 2013

Deception 101

 With the gun debate still raging, and with the Left starting to realize they will not get all the things they want, they have decided to resort to just one of their favorite tools. Deception. Present an illusion to the American sheeple, then sit back and allow the MSM to feed it to them.

This time, it's a group of left-wing Demoncrat activists posing as "an organization of hunters and gun enthusiasts". They then call in their fellow Leftists in the MSM who conduct one of their phony polls within this small group. They then present that highly-biased and inaccurate poll result to the public as an indication of how (all) hunters really feel. Cute, and it's usually effective, since the public is too busy tweeting to care or pay attention.

So what does this say about the Left? It says they're desperate. The tragic Newton shootings gave the Left the biggest and best opportunity to disarm law-abiding Americans they've had in a long time. They realize that if they throw enough gun control ideas against the wall, no matter how ridiculous or radical, some of them just might stick...


Poots' 30 Round MAGAZINE said...

Personally I think we SHOULD ban clips over 10 rounds.

Just leave those fucking magazines ALONE.

Capp'm all Poots said...

Actually I would like to go on a Sunday morning talk show with that.

When they would ask what's the difference?
Then I would hit them with "so you're the moron making all the laws banning shit and you don't even know what you're fuckng banning?

Only clip I'm aware of is in and M1 Garand

Schteveo said...

I'll start a petition to get you on that ABC show with that Greek dude, George Snuffleupagus!

I know what their organization's motto is!

"Lying Leftist Cock-Suckers of the World, UNITE!!"

Pile Driver Poots said...

I'd shove a 30 rounder up his ass, but being Greek, He'd probably ask for a 45 round

ThorButt RectumHammer said...

Actually that Shit Munky probably has half the power tools in his garage and the bottom shelf of his refrigerator up his Greek ass already.

T.B. HammerJammer said...

If he so much as ate a prune, he'd drop a dump that would block the beltway for days