Friday, April 12, 2013

Obama rated 5th best U.S. President ever

Of the total of 44 US Presidents: Obama rated 5th best president ever. I was just reading a Democratic publicity release that said, "...after a little more than 4 years, Obama has been rated the 5th best president ever."
The details..:
1. Reagan, Lincoln, and 8 others tied for first
2. 15 presidents tied for second
3. 17 other presidents tied for third
4. Jimmy Carter came in 4th
5. Obama -  fifth


Anonymous said...


Monica L. said...

sure beats out Clinton for being a lying cock sucker.

Spider said...

I had always considered Jimmy (peanut-brain) Carter as the worst we've had. Then, after GWNitwit's first term, i said old Jimmy would have to make room at the top, (or should that be bottom) for another loser. Now it seems, i'll have to make room for another one.

Forget about a photo ID. Maybe we should require people to take Thorazine treatments (before) they're allowed to vote.

And No, I don't swallow said...

And I got the dress to prove it.

Harry Reems's Ghost said...

He's the 3rd best President of the 21st century

Barry the color of diarrhea said...

done people just can't tell the difference between a president and a gooey runny drippy stinky pole of poo.