Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Really Scary Stuff

 What's really scary about this story is, that it could easily happen to any one of us. Now that the Left is trying their best to demonize anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment, and who believes in his/her right to self defense, situations like this one could become more common.

Make no mistake, a situation like this one could very easily turn dangerous and deadly, especially if you're dealing with a couple of small town "goobers" with badges as the video clearly shows. In many cases, they have no idea what the law is or what they're doing, so they usually do something, anything, even if it's wrong. This story is a perfect example of that

And for more bad news, well, for NY'ers anyway, the SCOTUS has refused to hear a challenge to comrade Cuomo's new gun law, a law that is clearly designed to ban people from owning guns in NY. Perhaps the Supremes know they'll be dealing with a slew of gun cases soon and didn't want to start yet? I don't know, but i hope it's just that simple and not a peek at how they're thinking. Lots-a-luck if this should spread across the country.


Toast"m n Roast"m said...

So the bombs went off in Boston on Freedom Day.

One Question.

Explain to me just what the fuck anyone from MASSACHUSETTS remembers about freedom.


Fact is, we should start marathons in DC and NYC. Maybe the luck would follow.

Fact , I think we should start a marathon in DC and NYC, for a start. Maybe the luck would follow.

Boston Creme Filled said...

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Toast N Roast said...

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Time for me to eat shit and die (of walrus AIDS).

Schteveo said...

State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman hailed Monday’s decision.

“Every day, my office fights to ensure all New Yorkers are safe and secure in their communities,” Mr. Schneiderman said...

What a crock of liberal SHIT!

Allah FukBar said...

What do you think the odds are that this guy(s) are within 5000 miles of the US?

They're sitting in Afghanistan (or Kenya) smoking a Hookah and wondering how they're gonna fuck 72 virgins every day after they croak from old age.

Spider said...

Oh, i'll bet they're a lot closer than you think. In fact, they're probably right under everybody's noses.

But here's the question; do you think this will make the sheeple wake up? NO!

Do you think 7 or 8 more 9/11 attacks would awaken them? NO!

Shit Burger in Paradise said...

well obviously this is a wake up call for more gun control...... think of the children.

and how about the head of the FBI?

No Shit you Fukking MORON. I'm pretty sure the person who did it knows he did it.

Allah FukkedBar said...

If he's not, then he's probably hiding in the basement of the White House.

Harry The Ape Fucker said...

That's not scary. thinking about Michelle's hairy ass, that's scary.

Ewwwww, just puked in my mouth a little.

Anonymous said...

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Schteveo said...

I was recently reading an article about how many people actually WORKED FOR the American Revolution. Estimates range from as low as-, just a third, up to 90%. Beings I think people stretch the findings, I think it was around 50%, which included the Minute Men and the Continental Army.

I'd bet we're close that now. AND I stand by my statement that we STILL have the Army.