Tuesday, April 9, 2013

State Sponsored Terrorism - American Style


Ok, so....the EPA, a non-cabinet level tax-sucking government organization has released personal information: name, address, phone number, email, of some 10k farmers and ranchers in 29 states to extremist environmental organizations.

Rational: Freedom of Information Act request

After releasing the information, and after recieving a complaint, the EPA requested that the extremist organizations return the information.

In this day of the internet and computer files, does anyone really believe the lie that any of those organizations will return the information without first making a copy?

In this day of personal attacks, does anyone believe that these enviro-terrorist organizations won't target farmer Tom's 3rd grade daughter, at school, if they think that it will get them the publicity that they seek? 

With a regime that is as "transparent" as this one is, you would think that they would not be so ready to transmit information to whoever might want it....but then again, if they can get eco-terrorists to do their dirty work for them.....


Schteveo said...

Let the hangings begin in D.C.

Spider said...

The EPA has become a greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is Al-Qaeda. They are the rebirth of the Gestapo.

Threat Capper Poots said...

Al Qaeda has never been a threat to our freedom. Nor has anything external ever been capable of being a threat.

The only threat the US faces is internal and lives in Washington DC.

Schteveo said...

not even those pesky Naxis and Imperial Japanese, nor the Russian Soviet Commies? Shit, I guess most of us who were in the military for most of the 20th Century shoulda stayed home!