Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Simple Christmas Love Story

A couple was Christmas shopping.

The shopping center was packed - as the wife walked through the mall she was surprised when she looked around to find that her husband was nowhere to be seen.

She was quite upset because they had a lot to do.

She became so worried that she called him on her cell phone to ask him where he was.

In a quiet voice he said, "Do you remember the jewelers we went into about five years ago where you fell in love with that diamond necklace that we couldn't afford, and I told you that I would get it for you one day?"

The wife choked up and started to cry and said, "Yes...  yes I do remember that shop."

He replied, "Well, I'm in the mall pub right next door to it."

I love that guy!! 


Old Piss in the Face said...

Yea, yea. Old story. And then she super glues his dick to his belly while he's asleep.

Schteveo said...

ANY man who can sleep through his johnson being touched, DESERVES super gluing!

Anonymous said...


I was talking about his DIK!!!

Schteveo said...

'Dik', johnson, willy, wang, wand, whip, pecker, prick, putz, ...OR whatEVER the hell you want to call it, HIM...if somebody touches MINE, I wake the hell UP. So gluing mine TO me, ain't very likely.

Sorry 'bout yers!

srk said...

knock wood

Spider said...


BTW, in the event you have (that kind) of woman, nail polish remover works very well in removing most types of super glue. Just sayin.

Schteveo said...

Spider, experience?

Old. H+ Schwanze said...

Hot Nitric Acid works even better.

Spider said...

"Spider, experience?"

Fortunately, only indirectly.

Lori Bobbit said...

So does a paring knife