Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally !

By now the world has heard that Osama Bin Laden is finally dead. His palatial compound was hit by a small, elite team of our Navy SEALS and CIA agents. Reports are that no prisoners were taken and Osama took a round to the head which put his lights out. I'm sure the MSM and the ABA are really pissed since they had hoped he'd be taken alive. In that way, they would've turned his capture into one of their usual circus shows, with leftist lawyers coming out of the woodwork to defend him, media talking-heads trying to show us his "human side", and some leftist judge whining about how his rights were violated because he was yelled at by one of the SEALS. Of course, and to no ones surprise, the Marxist-in-Chief is taking full credit for this action. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that it happened during his re-election campaign. Right?

It's also been reported that he was "buried at sea", which i hope means they threw his dead ass out of the chopper on their way back to their base. Personally, i would've wrapped him in a pig skin and hung him on the WH lawn. But that's just me. It's really nice to know that we have brave warriors like these, and that occasionally, they're allowed to "do the right thing". God bless 'em...


Schteveo said...

I don't think they sat on this so he could get the credit. IF that was the deal, he'd have looked for an arrest / conviction / execution, all pushed to culminate on the first Monday of November 2012, with bin Laden getting juiced on CNN. I can tell you what I told Mrs Schteveo when we were watching the news at midnight, when all those kids were chanting in front of the WH, and I told her all the lights were on in there, because the conversation was something like...,

"..OK, how do WE spin this to OUR benefit?"

It never occurs to Democrats that something can be good for all of us, WITHOUT them spinning it or telling us WHY or HOW it's good. I'll tell you who I have missed today, Sarah P. Anyone seen her?

Spider, I think we won't ever know the 'real' story of who did this. (until Mark Bowden writes the definitive book anyway, even then they'll 'Joe Friday' it) Given the crazy MFers in the world, it would endanger their families to say who was there. But God bless and keep them safe, and thanks to them.

Going forward, I think we'll see an uptick in terror attacks. Retribution, as usual. BUT, having said that, I think we are going to see these nut jobs fighting each other, for bin Laden's spot as THE top nut job.

Here's to hoping that they split into two equal groups and fight until only one guy is left, and hoping they do it quickly. Even Obama can get one guy killed, I hope.

Snorpnt CompassionatePoot said...

Big fukkin deal.

One down,

1.1 Billion to go.

Then we start cappin those kocksukkin FRENCH

Spider said...

I'm afraid i disagree Steve. Obummer wouldn't want UBL taken alive, since it would turn into a massive political mess (trial, etc.) at a time when all he wants is a dead body to show the public, "and take all the credit for"!

Here's more info on the unit.

Spider said...

See what i mean Steve. UBL was not going to survive the raid, no matter what.

"U.S. officials have said a small U.S. strike team, dropped by helicopter to bin Laden's hide-out near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad under cover of night, shot the al Qaeda leader dead with bullets to the chest and head. He did not return fire..."

Anonymous said...

(Reuters) - The U.S. special forces team that hunted down Osama bin Laden was under orders to kill the al Qaeda mastermind, not capture him, a U.S. national security official told Reuters.

"This was a kill operation," the official said, making clear there was no desire to try to capture bin Laden alive in Pakistan.

(Reporting by Mark Hosenball, writing by Matt Spetalnick)

Schteveo said...

OK? How does verifying this was a 'kill operation' change what I said? And using 'verify' with respect to Reuters is often a stretch.

There were two choices, capture and kill.

I'm falling to the side of Obama giving the order to go NOW, (whenever NOW was) based on the military being ready, the weather being right and tracking that (idiot) courier in there last Friday. Here's where I wonder about Obama and the military.

Why do it at ALL?

He's gotta know the left won't care, or worse hate him for it, and the right won't give him the credit. I won't be surprised to find out that Hitlary had more to do with this than Obama. She's the mover and shaker.

Jeffrey said...

Just out of curiousity, and i could very well be mistaken i fully admit, when did what i always remember as Osama bin Laden become Usama bin Laden. Again i admit ignorance of which is right, have i always assumed it was O not U, or has it changed recently for some ummm reason or another?

Anonymous said...

Good point Jeff. It's actually OBL.

alan said...

Osama is too close to Obama....and they have been mistakenly transposed more than once in the media in the last couple of years.