Thursday, May 5, 2011

Horse Sense

Four years after NYC closed its last horse stable there are plans to return one to NYC's Central Park this summer after being absent from that location for 100 years. It's not a done deal as yet as there are mixed feelings about this plan. But......THERE IS DISCUSSION about this before a decision will be made.


Schteveo said...

I think I read that they closed the stable to cut down on the amount of horse shit in NYC. It didn't work, Bloomberg got elected anyway, so they might as well re-open the stable!

Spider said...

Um, it's not horseshit that covers NYC, it's bullshit!

Personally, i think it's a good idea. It'll give all those rich leftists in Manhattan a place to ride their horses. In fact, i'd love to see them bring back NYC's other once-well-known bridle path, which ran along tree-lined Ocean Pkwy. in southern Brooklyn. I'll bet Ron remembers that.