Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just for discussion's sake...

I'm opening the "LAO Think Tank" this morning. You are all members. Here's our first item.
I had a thought this morning while driving about. GB's show was on the radio, and they were kicking around WHY you DON'T just capture bin Laden if you are BHO. (if you didn't hear it, it was because of the legal wrangling the left would have done and BHO having to go against them) Anyway, that brought me to this thought study.
How would the world be affected IF the following were to happen,

1.) instead of killing UBL, we capture him. (or we say we did anyway)

2.) after he is captured, he RENOUNCES Islam

3.) he accepts Christianity

4.) as a Christian, he reminds his former followers about that whole, don't kill the "people of the book" thing in their Koran

Here's the exercise, and how I got to this,
If you can put John freakin' Wayne in a GD beer commercial via CGI, you can put bin Laden, on his knees in front of the POPE!!

Here's the ultimate question. Would UBL doing this cause the terrorists to stutter step, or what exactly would happen?

Would the Imams swear out a fatwah on UBL?

And if so, wouldn't THAT fatwah cause infighting?

If they're fighting each other, would they have time for us too, or would they be easier to find WHILE they are fighting each other?
I get that it's all very "Mission Impossible" (the TV show NOT the movie), but why wouldn't this work? This is the kind of stuff we did to the bad guys for decades, before the commie leftists took over the CIA and the State Department anyway.
So? Whaddya t'ink?


Spider said...

Bottom line is, it really doesn't matter what we did or didn't do, since somebody will twist it into whatever they want it to be. I firmly believe our fantastic SEALS ended the whole OBL story, on the spot, and as ordered. Personally, i would've handled it differently. My solution, as you might've guessed, would've included a rope, a pig skin, and a prominent spot of the WH lawn. But that's just me.

Now, as expected, the talking heads of the MSM, including the nitwits at the Fox Cartoon Channel, are dissecting every microscopic detail of what happened. And as usual, when they lack the factual details, they simply create their own. Last week, the MSM (especially Fox) was obsessed with some silly wedding in Britain. You can bet they'll do the same with the OBL story, except for a whole lot longer. The longer they keep the story going, the better it is for Obummer because it makes him look like three things he's not. A warrior, a patriot, and a decision maker. He is a Marxist who will do and say anything to get re-elected, including coming to NYC tomorrow, going to Ground Zero, and standing on the remains of 3000+ innocent civilians simply for a photo-op.

It was just announced that the Marxist-in-Chief has decided, (he decided? yeah, right!) NOT to show the American people the photo of a dead OBL. The WH is already making excuses as to why.

a)The photos are too disgusting, even though we see a lot worse on the nightly news.

b)The American people are too sensitive to see such things. Then why were they shown a thousand pics from GITMO?

c)It might endanger our troops overseas, like they're not already in danger?

d)It might be used as a recruiting tool for Al-Q, as if they really need one.

My explaination? He may be afraid of offending his Mooselamb brothers.

Schteveo said...

I'm going with your last reason, I think that too. Thus far, if there are US sensibilities and Muslim sensibilities, he's sided ANTI-American.

Cowpill said...

I would release the pics, along with the one of me wrapping him and bacon and dropping him in shark ifested waters!

Spider said...

Here, IMO, is the real reason we're not being shown the OBL photo. By teasing the American people with this photo, Obummer knows he will keep the MSM glued to this story forever. If you watched any of the news shows today, you can see that it's working well.

The longer this remains front-page news, the better it is for his re-election. Why? Because no one is talking about the deficit, or gas prices, or jobs, or the economy, or our debt, or how the govt. is taking away our freedoms more and more each day. It's called, "diversion", and Leftists are masters at it.

Don't be surprised to see these photos "leaked" the day after he's re-elected. Are the people that dumb that they would fall for that? YES!

Schteveo said...

I don't think we'll get to the next elections. Some 'thing' will get to us before that.

Dirty bomb, insurrection, religious war, herds of locusts, swarms of pissed of rabid raccoons...i.e., some 'thing' will prevent the election. And I trust the current denizens of the WH to keep me safe by telling us to take the Bobby McFerrin route. Don't worry, no mention of be happy, just don't worry.

That and if gas gets too expensive, buy a Volt!!

Spider said...

Good point about the elections bud. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if some "national emergency" occurred (see: invented) which would "force" Obummer to suspend the elections and perhaps, the Constitution. Think it's far-fetched? Think again!