Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Am I alone...

...or is everyone sick of the Newt and Mitt Show?
These clowns spend 99.9% of their time telling me how bad that other guy sucks, and then they give examples. I mean, I get that they both suck, but WHY would they want to give the Dems ammo for this fall?
And God knows they should have plenty of ammo to use against Obama. But thus far, I've barely heard him mentioned. Why?

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Spider said...

The only thing they're doing to the Marxist-in-Chief is make him laugh. They are also, IMO, showing the country that the Republican party should be disolved due to it's weakness and ineffectiveness.

But, as long as the American people lack the brains and strength to demand/form another major political party, this farce will never end. The whole process simply proves how corrupt it is.