Friday, January 20, 2012

OH, wait... seriously, NOW I'm convinced!!

Do 'endorsements' mean anything to you? Personally, I don't give a rats hat who 'endorses' a candidate. So a guy who I've seen in a movie says, '...he's a GOOD guy, vote fer Ol' Bob Dingleberry fer dog catcher!"
So, having said that, does this story MEAN anything?

Chuck Norris Endorses Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich picked up the formidable endorsement today of action star Chuck Norris.

The "Walker, Texas Ranger" star wrote in a column for World Net Daily Friday that Gingrich has the “experience, leadership, knowledge, wisdom, faith and even humility to learn from his failures (personal and public) can return America to her glory days. ”
Big whoop.


Spider said...

Below is a "confidential" memo sent to NYPD brass from the Marxist-in-Chief. It sure sounds like those on the Right, especially gun owners, had better watch out!

“The important role of local law enforcement is a key part of the administration’s approach to countering violent extremism in the homeland,” President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, said. “Law enforcement officials work with communities every day and understand how to build partnerships to address this tough challenge.”

There has been an uptick in attempted attacks by Americans and other legal U.S. residents in the past few years, (really?) prompting the Obama administration to place a priority on finding ways to stop this type of violence. The administration rolled out a thin strategy last year that put local communities — not Washington — in charge of countering violent extremism in the U.S.

Analysts from the FBI, Homeland Security Department and National Counterterrorism Center studied 62 cases of homegrown violent extremists and identified basic similarities that might help local law enforcement better understand and detect threats. The warning signs identified for police include someone joining a group advocating violence, receiving support from a network that plans attacks or seeking out charismatic leaders who encourage violence. An overview of the findings was shared with the AP.

In the 62 cases reviewed, the subjects increasingly spoke out against the government, blamed the government for perceived problems and did so in a way that caught the attention of other people in their communities, according to the senior counterterrorism official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private White House event. Subjects became active on the Internet to espouse extremist views. And in some cases, the subjects purchased weapons, ammunition or explosive materials…”

Do you think he means leftists?

Schteveo said...

I'm pretty sure the Islamo nut bags who were bent on attacking military bases, gub'ment buildings, etc did NOT march into the local gun shop and fill out paperwork.

And I'm not sure, on the the Left / Right sliding scale, just exactly where the Islamofascists fall. But having said that, I'm sure he means US not them anyway!

They can have my guns...

BOW said...

We need more Chuck Norrises, Janine Turners, Gary stand up for liberty.

Newt has a brain and won't allow Obama to make him look foolish head to head in the debates. I can't say that for any of the others, except for Ron Paul, who sometimes has difficulty articulating what he means.

Spider said...

I agree Bill. We have a far better chance with Newt going against Obummer/MSM, than with Romney, who strikes me as a weakling and one who looks to slither away from any conflict. I don't believe he could stand up to the tidal wave of lies and fraud that will come from the Demoncrats and the MSM. Newt, on the other hand, is a proven fighter who knows how to survive the kind of dirty street fight that is coming.

Unfortunately for Ron Paul, even though i do agree with many (not all) of the things he says, i'm afraid the people don't see his as "presidential". And, IMO, they're right. But i would surely like to see him in a position of power when we win the WH and/or the full congress.

Pootz told ya so said...

Nute fer Prez!
No Shirt ShitLock.

Nute My Man said...

I already said. After the first debate with Newt, I doubt BHO will have the balls to come back for a second. Look for some VERY CREATIVE excuses why.