Friday, July 13, 2012

I will NEVER be this 'faithful'!!

So, many of us wonder about the 'craziness' of Islamic Radicals.  Of course every religion, following, fan base his fanatics.  But THIS STORY is the craziest, most ridiculous, over the top [or bottom] story of the year.

Tell me watcha think.


Spider said...

First of all, radical Islam is a cult, not a religion. And for that reason, we shouldn't be shocked or even surprised at the things they are willing to do to force their views on others. Is being sodomized to further your cause any worse than slaughtering innocent children?

Also, i have a good friend who works for the govt. (don't ask) and has spent a lot of time in the middle east. He tells me that homosexuality is quite common there, (including among Mooselambs) although they view it much differently (almost non-sexual) than it's viewd here.

As i've said before, the bottom line with radical Islam is quite simple. Either we "totally" eradicate them in "any" way we can, or just sit back and wait for them to do it to us. And they will! How long do we have to wait for that to happen? Oh, about 10 minutes after Iran finishes their nukes should be about right.

Schteveo said...

...bottom line...ROFL

I agree that it's cult within Islam, but usually cults commit crimes against no-adherents, they don't go looking for loop holes so they can have it done to themselves.

I've read about the side ways acceptance of man on man love. It just seems like another crazy anomaly of their beliefs.

BOW said...

Their ideal is to set the entire world ablaze....for allah

Schteveo said...

looks to me like the only thing he set burning was his sphincter!