Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is this Justice in America?! Isn't this wrong?

Aren't the wrong people being punished by this?


A $60M fine  no bowl games for 4 years and they're revoking all WINS, back to 1998.  And, a I said below and yesterday, the guilty are not being punished, because they're either dead or no longer associated with Penn State.  However, both future and past players will carry the burden of the punishment.  Some through loss of a scholarship.  Others through taking away the legacy of their days at Penn State.

I hope they put Sandusky in general population, and I hope Paterno is roasting on a rotisserie in hell.  And finally, I hope anyone who knew about this but didn't speak up winds up next to Paterno, rosting like the swine they are!

I said earlier I abhor college sports.

But I hate cowardly fools and kangaroo courts even more.  And that's how I see the NCAA this morning, as cowardly and gutless fools.

N.C.A.A. Plans ‘Punitive Measures’ Against Penn State

The university is bracing for what the N.C.A.A. is calling “corrective and punitive measures” that are expected to handicap the football program for years. While the specific findings will be released at a news conference at N.C.A.A. headquarters in Indianapolis on Monday morning, a person briefed on the sanctions said that the N.C.A.A. would issue a postseason bowl ban, a number of scholarship reductions and a stiff financial penalty. It is also expected that players in the program will have the freedom to transfer, essentially creating free agency for other programs to approach them. 

The N.C.A.A. board of directors’ decision to go outside its usual process for dealing with infractions, forgoing a long investigation, and authorize sanctions based on the findings of an outside investigation is considered unprecedented. It is a pivotal moment in the presidency of Mark Emmert, whose two-year tenure had been characterized by the N.C.A.A.’s seeming lack of enforcement power in a long stream of rules-violation cases and the chaos of conference realignment.
OK, so for 30 odd years the Athletic Department, or better still, some of the employees of the Athletic Department, covered up Sandusky's BS.  Now, he's been caught and convicted and he's going to jail, Joe Paterno's image and reputation are trashed, the school's Board of Governors is coming apart at the seams and some of them might go to jail. And honestly, I hope they ALL wind up on state, getting 'punked' by the biggest, meanest father rapers of them all!

IMHO, that's too good for them.  Hanging the ass hats who covered this up, would suit me fine, or maybe a public flogging!
But punishing 'the school' after ALL the people who knew this was going on and covering it up does nothing.  Well it does do a few things.  It denies scholarships, and thereby educations to high school football players, none of whom were even born when Sandusky started this and Penn State started covering it up!  

How does that SOLVE anything?  It doesn't.  But what it does do is make it 'appear' like the NCAA is doing something about Sandusky, Paterno and the entire Penn State Athletic Department.  I've said before I'm not a fan of college sports, so I have ZERO axe to grind.  But what I AM a fan of is fair play, and justice.

And justice will not be served here by these sanctions.  The only thing being served here, is the futures of prospective college football players, being placed on a silver platter, so the NCAA can absolve themselves of a sin, for which they had no responsibility, in the first place.



Spider said...

Yes, it's called pandering, and it's required if Penn State wants to keep getting money and want's to continue being seen as politically correct. Many will say, punish those who actually committed the crime.

Well, that's true. But, many others will say, the person covering-up the crime is just as guilty. And "IMO," Paterno, having direct knowledge of, and perhaps even witnessing, the sex crimes, is just as guilty. How many of those boys might have been saved from a life of torment had Paterno acted?

In criminal law, if three guys hold-up a gas station, and one of them kills the attendant, they are all charged with the murder. And it will stand-up in court.

Cowpill said...

In the immortal words of Richard Pryor, "It's not justice, it is Just us."

Schteveo said...

Yeah, Spider you're absolutely right and I agree with the law.

But when the verdict is handed down (Sandusky got that) and the judge is handing out the sentences (NCAA says $60M, +, +), some of the robbers cop a plea (several quit Penn State), others go to jail(Sandusky again), and some are dead (that idiot Paterno). At the end of all that, they don't go grab 125, 18 y/o kids off the street and ask THEM to pay the ongoing fines. (but that's precisely what this is)

And that's what the NCAA is doing on this! (the FUTURE football teams tote the ass whipping for those in the past who covered up one of THE most horrendous crimes I can think)(I'm startingtoo feel surprised the NCAA doesn't want the new football players on the Sex Offenders database JUST while they are in school, to show how serious the NCaa is about this case!!)

I think Redd Foxx said that first. But it holds true. Especially now, when they aspire to the thug life.