Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today's Episode of, "I'm so sick of..."

I'm so sick of... rich MFers whining about THEIR lives!!!.  Jesse Jackson Jr is having a rough month, according to his mother, so I decided to help him out, by giving him some real world things to consider, from someone who is still attending The University of Hard Knocks.

Dear Jesse Jr,
Sorry to hear that you are having a rough month.

But like many other people your age, you were NEVER allowed to fail. Now the vultures of life have come home to roost. It's not my fault, nor your constituents either BTW, that you got 'trophys' for showing up everyday, AND mostly because you were born Jesse Jackson Jr.. It's not our fault that people made YOU one of the cool kids, because of who your dad was. But because of your dad, you sailed through life, into your FORTIES without much of a problem, didn't you?

Then your political career gets torpedoed by someone near you, and maybe, not even, over something you might have known about. (and of course, none of us in the regular, real world EVER got screwed because of someone near us at school or work...all OUR friends are perfect angels who have our best interest in hand...) But, now you're all down in the dumps because you are not going to achieve everything you thought you would in life, or everything that mommy and daddy promised.

Well then, I have a simple message for you Jesse Jr.

Welcome to the, bankers screwed the economy up at the behest of Congress, we're all stuck with Obamacare, the Chinese almost own us, everyone in America is slowly losing ground, nothing is worth what it was, half of us are depressed about our life, this is the NEW Hope and Change America in the 21st Century buddy!

It is, what it is, get used to it.

Part of YOUR (and it's going around) problem is idiot parents, like YOURS, who told ALL their kids they'd be big shots with a corner office and work 9 to 5, without getting dirty, sweaty or tired. Well here's a hint Jr, someone has to work for a living too. We can't all be the Boss, it's NOT possible!
(are ALL your Staffers the 'boss', who are THEIR fathers, how much $$$ do THEY make)

I'll finish now with some things YOU need to consider about other lives around you, quite close to you in fact. Got any idea what your half-sister Ashley's life is like? (and how's you mother while we're discussing your philandering father's teen offspring) Who's promising HER the sun the moon and the stars? How often does SHE see her dad? And when will Ashley get to be a Congress Member? What college will SHE get to attend because of who her dad is? Is SHE one of the cool kids because of her dad? Or does she keep that quiet? See Jesse Jr, other people might just be suffering out here too, not just you, even people related to your rich, connected father!

So, here's today's hint pal, get up, dust yourself off, go back to Congress, do the job you ARE getting paid QUITE well for, and shut TF up about how bad YOU have it!!!!

yours truly,
a disabled American living on a $1200 a month SSD Check,
after working my @$$ off for 30 years!!!




Bill O'Writes said...

You posted that at BOB o'clock

Spider said...

IMO, Je$$ie Jackass jr. is trying to hide, and deal with, a very serious drug problem that was about to go public.

Or, more evidence has surfaced about what he really did with gov. Blogoyovich back in ChiTown. Getting "sick" is SOP when you've been told there's a federal grand jury taking a peek into your crooked career.

Schteveo said...

I haven't a clue what they did Spider. But I'm sure it was Chicago Politics as usual. I am just glad I left IL way back when. I'm too volatile to live in one of those Liberal Workers Paradise places where the state spends money like a drunk sailor, and nothing ever gets better.

I'd be thinning out the Legislative Parking lot with a .50 cal from long range.

Spider said...

LOL! Had the Marxist-in-Chief not been elected, we would've heard a whole lot more about that gov. Blog/ChiTown political scandal. Some heavy-duty people would have ended up in handcuffs. In fact, just about the entire Obummer administration! But, with Holder as AG, they all got a free pass, which just might be why Holder was given the AG's job? Hmmm...

Forrest Nigga said...

Nigga is as Nigga does.

Anonymous said...

Right on!

Schteveo said...

is ya preachin' ta yoh'sef!?