Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So, What's Going On Here?

Many of us here are gun collectors, gun enthusiasts, and strong advocates for the 2nd Amendment, so we should be able to answer some simple questions on the subject. Perhaps.

1. Can you think of a rational reason why the National Weather Service would need, or should have, hundreds-of-thousands of rounds of Hollow Point pistol ammo?

2. Do you know why the Social Security Administration would also need hundreds-of-thousands of rounds of the same Hollow Point ammo?


Schteveo said...

NOAA is going to attempt to shoot tornadoes and hurricanes to get them to fall apart and not cause any trouble.

SSA is going to attempt to shoot grammy and papa to get them to fall apart and not cause any trouble.

WHAT'S your question?

Cowpill said...

2 words: Zombie Apocalypse.

Spider said...

The question is, WTF IS GOING ON?

Schteveo said...

I think the Obumble WH and backers are expecting all of the country's Whites, Christians, Republicans, Conservatives from all across America to start a blood bath aimed at removing him from office. And NOT because they don't like his politics but because he's got non-white skin. Funnier still, he THINKS the federal employees ALL agree with him and will support him.(aren't some of them white too?)

That's conjecture obviously, but it's about the way he / they think. A good shrink would call it 'projection'.

Cowpill said...

Well they should be buying ammo, last time I was at the SS office it was a who's who of "Da Hood". We had Joe "Gonna put you all back in chains" Biden in town yesterday and as a result a slew of O'bummer yard signs and stickers. I cannot even fathom that people are supporting this turd. They better buy ammo, they might need it.

Spider said...

Here's the social security administration trying to come up with a story for why they need 174k rounds of .357 Hollow Points. It's a lie that any ten year old kid would laugh at, and see through.