Monday, August 27, 2012

The Face Of Weakness

Today, (8/27) while having my morning coffee, i tuned into the “Morning Joe” show on msnbc. (i like to keep tabs on the enemy) The panel of guests included Chris (tingles) Matthews, Tom (mr. elitist) Brokow, Mika (the elitist socialist) Brezinski, and of course, the very pro-Obama progressive RINO, Joe Scarborough. Also on the panel was the head of the RNC, Reince Priebus. (i swear that name came from a Star Trek episode)

What followed was “the most” despicable display of weakness and cowardice that i’ve ever seen. And it was on the part of the RNC head. Matthews launched into a tirade aimed directly at Priebus about how Romney is a racist because of Romney’s remark the other day saying, “no one needs to ask me for my birth certificate“. Matthews continued to rant wildly, so much so that he actually started to foam at the mouth. The RNC head just sat there, totally overwhelmed and blown away. He looked like someone who just walked into 200 mph gail-force winds. I have never seen anyone so humiliated, insulted, degraded, and scolded on national TV. And the only words the RNC head was able to get out were, “oh, stop it! In fact, it got so bad that the other Obamunists on the panel had to intervene and tell Matthews to calm down.

People like Mr. Priebus, John (the cryer) Boehner, and Mitch (mumbles) McConnell, are the reason why, IMO, the Republican party has become the national symbol of weakness, and why, even when they win, they’re still taking orders from the Demoncrats. Pathetic.


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Cowpill said...

Chris Matthews has no shame. He made an ass of himself and was proud of it. But this is a common tactic, get wild eyed and crazy when you do not have a defense or valid arguement.

Tingle Twat said...

Dressed up like a huge pink vagina, was he?

Schteveo said...

There is a dual problem here.

First, and foremost, the RNC is SO weak in the face of lies, half-truths and general BS that the message gets lost. I simply do NOT understand WHY they don't throw the BS Flag when they get verbally assaulted.

Second, Priebus was VERY vocal when he was first elected to lead the RNC. He was feisty and pissed off and said so. Then...slowly...he disappeared from the MSM. But that lying wench Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz is on TV, on radio, in Newspapers daily! Hell even the morons at FOX have her on more that they do Priebus.

If ONLY there was a new piece of technology where the RNC could get their message out. We could call it...the uh, um Internet!! THAT'S it!! A new way to communicate that can 'net' us all together!!


Anonymous said...

A new piece of technology? There is. It's called "A PAIR OF BALLS"!

Spider said...

Just think of how many patriotic, law-abiding, American citizens could be put away in this manner. Or, will the sheep simply go quietly…

“Most recently is the inception of oppositional defiance disorder (ODD) which is described as a mental disease wherein free thinkers, non-conformists, civil disobedience supporters, those who question authority and are perceived as being hostile toward the government are labeled mentally ill.

‘Psychiatrics’ claim that sufferers have “a recurrent pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient, and hostile behavior toward authority figures that persists for at least 6 months” which includes:

• Persistent stubbornness
• Resistance to directions
• Unwillingness to go along with the crowd
• Deliberately annoying others
• Testing limits by ignoring orders…”

Anonymous said...

That article makes me glad i bought a lot more ammo.