Thursday, August 9, 2012

the government continues to defraud the government

This one really gets my ire up.   And considering I am a pilot, that means it gets way, way up.

As a part time side job performed on weekends in the winter and early spring, between sessions of teaching people how to kill people that desperately need it, I help out a buddy of mine who has a franchise for a tax service in our town. 

some of the things that irk me are what people do such as:

---the polyg's who know that their single adult sons will draw that maximum EIC by making exactly $26,000 and claiming head of household with 3 of their younger siblings as dependants.  As a tax preparer, how am I to investigate that they really don' t live with their older brother? 

----the foreign nationals with Tax ID numbers or social security numbers that claim nephews & neices who also have social security numbers and also claim head of household with 3 dependants...especially with a whole group coming in is irksome, but I also understand that our "give till the only thing we have left to give is an IOU" government has passed laws making this legal.

On the other hand, I can't imagine 23,994 people living at the same address in Atlanta.  That house must be bigger than many small towns I have lived in.  Or 2,706 people sharing the same bank account.  This would be blatant fraud that our beloved government should maybe spend a few hours investigating, especially when the fraud appears to be in the millions of dollars! Instead of attempting a Jedi mind trick of "there is nothing here to see, please look at the man's wife who got sick after she gave up her insurance 6 years after her husband decided not to look for a new job"

Or maybe the government bean counters have determined that it is cheaper to give money away than to prosecute theives who can't afford their own lawyers, and quite possibly don't even live within our borders, thus requiring an extradition order.

While $7.3 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the $15,000 million debt the (notice I didn't say "our") president has helped us attain, it is still more than I would make in 100 years at my current salary.

Terry Goodkind, sci-fi/fantasy author,  I figured him to be a liberal of sorts just based off of his chosen profession (call me shallow).   Reading Faith of the Fallen, I have have come to a new conclusion.  Sadly, there is a huge number of our poplulation that would probably side with antagonists in that series, firmly in the belief that the only reason socialism doesn't work is because the right people haven't been in opposed to the only reason it doesn't work, is because there are free thinking human beings involved.


Cowpill said...

This is why Obama will become supreme leader. These same people are registered to vote

Schteveo said...

"...the foreign nationals with Tax ID numbers or social security numbers that claim nephews & neices who also have social security numbers and also claim head of household with 3 dependants..."

OK, I'll bite, how can you be both a dependent AND a head of household? My tax forms always say you can be one or the other, but not both.

A few years ago, in Atlanta it seems to me, they set up a system where they trained women on welfare to do inspections and investigations randomly to look for welfare cheats. And it was random, no call center, no cheater, cheater she's a lyin' cheater 800 hotline, it was random. They had to do 3 or 4 per week and they had to keep one day a week open for hearings and court cases.

The first month when they did investigations, they found 8 or 10 out a couple hundred they looked at, and only one went to jail, the others lost all their benefits for 3 years. BUT the second month, 12% of recipients failed to send in their claim vouchers, and another 2% or 3% didn't cash their checks.

Overall it chased about 20% of the recipients out of the system.

Imagine if we saved that on a country wide level. On all the current 'entitlements' programs. It would be billions of $$$'s.

alan said...


My mistake, bad syntax....foreign nationals claiming head of household, with their 3 nephews & nieces as their dependants....

Spider said...

The explanation for this is very simple. The Marxist-in-Chief is using our tax dollars to buy votes from illegals, while at the same time, bypassing congress, the law, and Constitution to give them amnesty.

Has anyone heard someone in congress use the word, IMPEACH lately?