Saturday, September 22, 2012


I mean testing. This page showed up differently the other day when I wanted to post a picture. Okay, let's see if this one works:

I call this "Baby Snorpht"

It seem to be uplifting, I mean loadmastering, I , well, you get the picture!


Holy Shiite said...

Now there are twin towers I got a missile for.

Liquor T. Split said...

I'm up for a Hooternanny

Cowpill said...


Toothless Diaper Loader said...


Knickers In ATwist! said...

You sexist jerk!!!

You could have shown ANY kind of picture for your test, but you CHOSE to show a woman being objectified!!

Sexist! Jerk!

Mini poots said...

Baby Snorpht would have had those bad boys all buttered up already.

Your hero Joe Biden said...

And we hate fat hairy ugly liberal femi nazis (septa-entrane?) as well. Unless they have big fake boobies. Then it's ok.
But you, we'll let hang around if you shave your legs pits and pussy, wash and Qwell the rest of your hair, cover up your 'Clits Rock' tattoo and post the latest push-me pull-you video of you and your dyko bass playing girlfriend. You know, the one with the hair lip that says 'gimme sum punthy tuna twat baby'.
Then I'll jerk off up your nose and slit your fat belly open and take a big greasy dumpo grande in it.

Ok hunny?

Snorpht will Survive said...

Wow, sorry about that one boys. Is it my imagination or did that one lack the old Snorphty Flair?

Maybe I'm slipping. I have been out on the queer coast a lot lately on biz. Maybe it's affecting me. Maybe I need a little vacation in Kingman AZ.

I promise, I'm going to sit down and watch a half a dozen Dexters, then a few hours of Sportmans
Channel Lock and Load Monday while I drop a twelve pack of Bud.

I WILL BE BETTER IN THE MORNING And I'll rip that lezzbo cunt a dik hole

Cunt in a bunch said...

Dyke Lezbos

The best reason in the world to drink... Everything!

Anonymous said...

@ Twisted Twat:

No. My test was an "Obama Flag", but the powers that be found it too offensive, ergo, something everyone loves- Babies and babes and beer and burgers! So put on your flannel and don't bathe for a week and join in the fun.

Anonymous said...

Is that Missy in that pic?